The Wyrm Tunnels appear after defeating the Wyrm Queen in the den on Eastern Island. The entrance to the tunnels appears in the top-left corner of the den.

The tunnels are a maze which is randomly generated for each game. The tunnel back to the original den always appears in the centre of the maze. There are a total of 23 tunnels, mostly leading to places on various islands. Once a tunnel has been entered, the other end becomes a way back to the maze.

The precise locations each tunnel leads to change from game to game, but in general they are as follows:

  • The original wyrm den, top-left
  • The same den, top-right
  • On the floating island with the Time Manipulator
  • Near the surface, on the western side
  • Fairly deep below the surface
  • Even deeper below the surface (in hard stone)
  • Near the surface, close to the hut
  • Near the surface, near the dragon lair
  • Deep below the surface, western side
  • Deep below the surface, near the golems
  • Near the surface, close to town
  • Near the surface, western side
  • Deep below the surface, western side
  • Deep below the surface, eastern side
  • The Water Cave

Other locations:

  • One tunnel leading to the Undeveloped Island, near the surface
  • One tunnel leading to another maze inhabited by leech wyrms. The maze is full of tunnels that lead to other places in that maze. It resets on each visit.
  • Two linked tunnels; each leads to the other elsewhere in the maze
  • Two tunnels leading to new wyrm dens; each has a Wyrm Queen and spirit pillar, and resets each time you visit
  • Two tunnels leading to caves with a similar composition to Eastern Island