A completed map. This is just an example situation; the maze layout is randomly generated for each game.

The Wyrm Tunnels appear after defeating the Wyrm Queen in the hive on Eastern Island. The entrance to the tunnels appears in the top-left corner of the hive. The walls are made of bedrock, which can be mined with a drill or vehicle with mine 9, such as the Exo Drill or the Amethyst Queen Drill.

Exits[edit | edit source]

The tunnel back to the original hive always appears in the center of the maze. There are a total of 23 tunnels, mostly leading to places on various islands. Once a tunnel has been entered, the other end becomes a way back to the maze.

In addition to Island exits and further dungeons, there are two linked tunnels leading to different locations in the same maze.

The precise locations each tunnel leads to change from game to game, but in general they are as follows:

Eastern Island[edit | edit source]

  • The original wyrm hive, top-left
  • The same hive, top-right
  • On the floating island with the Time Manipulator
  • Near the surface, on the western side
  • Fairly deep below the surface
  • Even deeper below the surface (in hard stone)

Starting Island[edit | edit source]

  • Near the surface, close to the hut
  • Near the surface, near the dragon lair
  • Deep below the surface, western side
  • Deep below the surface, near the golems

Sunset Haven[edit | edit source]

  • Near the surface, close to town
  • Near the surface, western side, one side of the crash or the other
  • Deep below the surface, western side
  • Deep below the surface, eastern side
  • The Water Cave

Undeveloped Island[edit | edit source]

  • Near the surface at a random location

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Wyrm Hives[edit | edit source]

Two exits lead to further resetting Wyrm Queen Hives, which are similar to the main Wyrm Hive.

There is a Wyrm Queen, and a spirit pillar with a recipe taken from the list:

  • Ice Sword
  • Water Sword
  • Plant Sword
  • Ice Arrow
  • Water Arrow
  • Drain Arrow

Magic Ore Caves[edit | edit source]

Two exits lead to resetting caves with magic dirt and stone containing ores similar to the top half of Eastern Island underground. There is a spirit pillar surrounded by spirit guide blocks and the recipe is chosen from the same list as the Wyrm Hives.

Enemy Location(s) Drops HP Def DMG Speed Capturing

Purple Golem

Lower half of cave 1 of: Focus Gem, Alter Gem, Blood Gem, Spirit Gem (rare) 12 3 12 UIEarth.png 2 Earth Trap, Enchanted Net (Golem)
Notes Magic Wyrms can uncover them. 

Magic Wyrm

In Magic Stone in depth 38-51 1 Alter Gem 40 2 20 2
Notes 4 total. Has a spin attack; Eats Magic Stone

Icon Block Min Depth Max Depth Mine
Coal 1 26 1
Iron 1 26 1


Focus Gem 13 63 1-4


Quartz 26 63 1-4
Alter Gem 32 63 4
TileMagicStoneBloodGem.gif Blood Gem 45 63 4
Lava 54 63 4
TileMagicStoneDiamond.gif Diamond 58 63 4
TileMagicStoneSpiritGem.gif Spirit Gem 58 63 4

Leech Maze[edit | edit source]

The maze is similar to the Wyrm Tunnels, but all the other exits lead back to the same maze, and it resets every time entered. The main exit is in the middle and is surrounded by a magic dirt background. TileRedDirtBG.png

Chest Location Icon Contents
GoldChest.png Random
Lab Blueprint
GoldChest.png Random
Wyrm Pen Blueprint
GoldChest.png Random
5 Spirit Gem
Enemy Location(s) Drops HP Def DMG Speed Capturing


Under Eastern Island (at night), West Divider Island, Leech Maze in Wyrm Tunnels 3 Dragonblood 25 0 7 1
Notes 16 in total. Drains 1 UIHealth.png. Hits twice.
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