"An Earth-like and habitable planet, colony location #21.
Suspected of being Enemy Homeworld."

The second planet in Unoiks 428, Unoiks 428c, is the starting planet and the location of a crashed colony ship. Its survivors have settled on the planet's islands.  It has an orbital space of size 576x64.

List of Islands Edit

  1. Starting Island
  2. Eastern Island
  3. Cultivator Island
  4. Divider Island
  5. Ice Island
  6. Minotaur Island
  7. Undeveloped Island
  8. The Heights
  9. Sunset Haven

Underwater ChestsEdit

Between the Islands there are chests scattered on the sea floor, their contents are:

Chance Item(s)
20% 1 Rusty Axe
2 Gold Bar
10% 3 Sugar Seed
5 Water Shell
10 Water Bullet
1 Water Sword
2 Diamond
5% 1 Blood Gem
1 Electric Eel

Map Edit

Aground Map-0

A map of all the islands and the ores on them

The starting planet in Aground is a loop in the following order

Starting Island - Eastern Island - Cultivator Island - Divider Island - Ice Island - Minotaur Island - Undeveloped Island - The Heights - Sunset Haven - Starting Island

The Whirlpool Edit

The Whirlpool is a shortcut located between Sunset Haven and Starting Island which links to a whirlpool between Divider Island and Ice Island, and is traversed by allowing your boat to sink into it.

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