"A small but dense terrestrial planet close to the star. It has no atmosphere, but is likely to hold valuable ores and exotic matter."

Unoiks 428b is the closest planet to the star Unoiks 428. It has an orbital space of size 256x64 with a respawning enemy fighter. It is small, dense, and has no atmosphere. It has one looping area of size 256x96.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Above the surface are 5 respawning Magnestone enemies, and below are Magnewyrms.

Enemy Location(s) Drops HP Def DMG Speed Capturing


Underground 1 Magnegem 20 6 20 1
Notes Eats Basalt blocks


5 above surface 1 Magnegem 70 6 30 1

Mining[edit | edit source]

Unavailable on Unoiks 428c, there are small amounts of Exotic Matter (required for FTL) near the bottom. Bring spare O2 Canisters and possibly build an O2 Generator so your UIO2.png oxygen does not run out. Building a Terrafomer provides the planet with an oxygenated atmosphere, but only as long as it is both powered and fueled. It is generally not worth the amount of exotic matter, unless you wish to have more space to plant crops.

Icon Block Min depth Max depth Mine
Basalt 0 43 4
Iron 0 43 4
Blood Gem 19 43 4
Obsidian 43 86 5
Magnegem 43 67 5
Titanium 48 86 5
Uranium 67 86 5
Exotic Matter 76 94 5-9
Lava 57 76 5
Mine purple.png
Bedrock 86 94 9
Blackstone 95 95
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