The Unnature Sanctuary is the first planet to be implemented into the game as a result of the highest Kickstarter backer tier. It is located in a new system, Unoiks 188. Upon entering the planet's atmosphere, the player is approached by the NPC robot Splicer and asked to leave. As soon as the player touches the island surface, Splicer appears again and transforms the player into a werewolf, dismounting them and removing all of their gear (into a chest) in the process. In order to leave, the player must undertake a series of quests to defeat Splicer and return to human form.

Enemies Edit

There are three main types of enemies on this planet, and one special type.

Icon Name HP Damage Defense Exp Drops
Acid Raptor 20 12, 5-8 Acid 4 TBA Dino DNA, 3 Meat
Notes Can be captured with a capture of at least 12
Drill Beetle 50 30 7 TBA Carapace
Notes Eats Unnature Stone
Brutefish 100 40 7 TBA Carapace
Meat tree & Wasps 20 (Meat tree)

6 (Wasp)

N/A (Meat tree)

7, Range 6 (Wasp)

2 (Both) TBA 3 -5 Wood, 1 Meat Tree Seed (Meat tree)

Nothing (Wasp

Notes Wasps will periodically spawn around all meat trees and will not stray more than a few tiles from them unless chasing the player

NPCs Edit

There are 2 NPCs on this planet, and one in a secret area

The Ranger Edit

The Ranger is the first friendly NPC. He was in charge of the sanctuary, but was turned into a werewolf by Splicer.

Splicer Edit

Splicer is the main villain and objective of this planet. In order to return to human form, you must defeat her, which also allows you to switch between human and werewolf forms, and use Dino DNA to evolve modifications.

Dice Edit

Dice is a backer NPC, who is found in a secret maze underground. You only talk to him briefly, after which he transforms into a giant werewolf boss and attacks. Defeating him unlocks two more equipment evolution options.

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