Story[edit | edit source]

The Trader can be caught stealing in the Storehouse. After she gets caught red-handed, the player explains to the Trader that it's hard enough to survive on this island without someone stealing from them. The Trader responds that she can repay the player by offering her services. The player asks if there are more survivors in other islands and The Trader advises that for 5 Gold Bars, she can convince the merchants to come to your island. The Player asks "You're going to charge us even though you were just caught stealing?" She replies that is her business, and she has to charge the player to add the trade route. After that, the player is given two options; Accept Offer or Send Away.

If the player refuses the offer, the player apologizes and they can't trust the thief and asks her to leave the island and never come back.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Build Market 5 Gold Bars Workshop (Trader not sent away)
Dock (Trader sent away)
Market, Coin Purse

60 Exp

The market is used for trading goods
Build Dock 500 Coins, 20 Wood, 5 Cloth, and 5 Nets Market, Animal Pen Dock House

80 Exp

The dock house can craft a number of things
Boat 9 Wood, 9 Steel Bars, 9 Cloth, 9 Nets Dock, Market Boat

100 Exp

The boat is used to travel to Sunset Haven

Notes[edit | edit source]

After the finishing the Boat quest and discovering another island, you can talk to the Trader to have her deliver items from one island's storehouse to another, for the price of 0.20 coins for every 5 weight delivered.

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