Story[edit | edit source]

Tindle is a magical merchant that is hundreds of years old. He prides himself on his collection of magical books, and travels the universe using the Monoliths the Teachers of the Depths created. He traded with the Teachers before their world was flooded by the Dishonored One, afterwhich he was stuck on Unoiks 428b. When there, he traded with the inhabitants of the world, them, before they became unwilling to share their magic and left the planet. He stayed stuck in the summit of Divider Island next to the deactivated Monolith, until the player re-activated it. Tindle then began to trade with the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Stuck Merchant Activate the Monolith on Divider Island Talk to Tindle before activating the Monolith on Divider Island Allows you to trade with Tindle, 2000 Exp You may still trade with Tindle if you don't talk to him before activating the Monolith, you just won't get the exp reward.

Trading[edit | edit source]

The prices of Tindle's items are twice that of the item's value. You can sell magic items, potions, coral weapons, spellbooks and resources to Tindle.

Name Amount Cost
Health Potion 1-4 600
Stamina Potion 1-4 600
Attack Potion 5-10 100
Defense Potion 5-10 100
Speed Potion 1-4 600
Endurance Potion 1-4 600
Magic Staff 1 5k
Focus Gem 20-40 100
Alter Gem 10-20 150
Blood Gem 5-10 300
Dragonblood 5-10 500
Book of Flame 1 10k
Book of Splash 1 10k
Book of Vines 1 10k
Book of Stone 1 10k
Book of Frost 1 10k
Book of Shielding 1 10k
3 of the following:
Book of Light 1 12k
Book of Absorption 1 12k
Book of Recovery 1 12k
Book of Summoning 1 12k
Book of Time 1 12k
Book of Healing 1 12k
Book of Return 1 12k

Notes[edit | edit source]

Tindle is the second backer NPC in the game.

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