Story[edit | edit source]

You first meet The Mirrows because they are bothering the villagers of Sunset Haven, they are located in the crashed ship in the desert inside the door under the red flashing light. The Innkeeper will give you a quest to go talk to them, resulting in a difficult boss fight. You can skip the the boss fight by reading all of the logs in the colony ship area that is not the hold. You find out that the Mechanic is their daughter, Cass. After talking to her, you will receive a quest to find something to sway them, which ends up being Dragon Armor. After defeating or negotiating with them, they will give you a quest to build a sub pen. After a few more quests, they will rebuild the Fighter Escort for you. After this point, they will sell blueprints and a few other things to you. Once you trigger the first wave of the Bombardment, they will offer to kill the Bomber for you, but if you accept, they die. If you leave them alive, they can join you aboard the Professor's Mobile Lab once you build it. They count as one researcher each. They also start selling space-related items and blueprints. If they are alive by the time you find the Colony, they will give you a quest to make better cyborg gear, which unlocks better cyborg gear at the Surgery Lab. You never find out their first names, but in the game code, the male Mirrow is mirrow_d and the female is mirrow_n, corresponding to two of the developers, David and Natalie Maletz.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Water Cave Find the Water Cave, 8 Steel Bar, 1 Uranium, 3 Silicon Confront the Mirrows / Convince the Mirrows Sub Pen, Com Device, a Chest with an Elevator Blueprint and a Map, 500 Exp The Water Cave can be found through the wyrm tunnels on the magic island. The Mirrows will relocate to the Water Cave when this quest is complete.
Ship Parts 1 Hi-Tech Parts Sub Pen Airport Blueprint, 750 Exp Hi-Tech Parts can be found underwater under the island to the west of the science island. Build a Submarine to explore. Talking to the Mechanic after she gives this quest gives House and Kitchen Blueprints.
Repair Escort Ship 5 Hi-Tech Parts, 20 Titanium, 5 Uranium, 5 Silicon Ship Parts, find the ship crash site Access to the Escort Ship, 1000 Exp You may need to call the Mirrows on the Com Device to get a ride back to the Sub Pen.
End the Siege Defeat the Bomber Ship Study Magic 1000 Exp The Bomber Ship is in orbit above the starting planet, protected by 4 Fighter Alien Ships
Cyborg Carapace 5 Carapaces, 20000 Coins Get rescued by the colonists 4000 Exp, access to tier 2 cyborg upgrades

Trading[edit | edit source]

Item Amount Cost
Sub Pen Blueprint 1 10k
Surgery Lab Blueprint 1 10k
Bunker Blueprint 1 7500
Bunker Factory Blueprint 1 10k
Bunker Kitchen Blueprint 1 7500
Bunker Depot Blueprint 1 7500
Hydropronics Blueprint 1 7500
Unlocked after finishing "To Space!" quest:
Plasma Cannon 1 10k
Plasma Gun 1 10k
O2 Canister 20 200
Small Module Blueprint 1 10k
Large Module Blueprint 1 10k
Connector Module Blueprint 1 10k
O2 Generator Blueprint 1 5000
Ship Dock Blueprint 1 15k
Vending Machine Blueprint 1 10k
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