Starting Island is the first of many planned islands in the Aground universe that the player will encounter in their adventure.

After surviving a "crash", the player makes a hut to shelter himself during the night. With a stone axe, and help from fellow survivors and hope, he develops a settlement and a boat to (eventually) meet other survivors on other islands.

Npcs Edit

The NPCs on the starting island are:

  1. The Builder
  2. The Miner
  3. The Farmer
  4. The Alchemist
  5. The Hunter
  6. The Trader

Areas Edit

The Overworld Edit

This is where the adventure begins. It contains trees, berry bushes, red berry bushes, Mobs (rats and boars by day, silk spiders and shadow cats by night) and passive animals (seagulls, small birds resembling sparrows). This is also where you build buildings and encounter most NPCs. The island is bracketed on each side by ocean with 4 beach tiles. However, if you want to reach the east beach, you must pass through the mountain.

Icon Plant HP Exp Drops
Tree 5 5
  • 3-5 Wood
  • 1 Apple or
  • 1 Egg (Rare)
  • 1 Tree Seed (Rare)
Sprout NA NA
Sapling 2 2
  • 1 Wood
Red bush
Red berry bush NA 1
  • 1-2 Red Berries
Berry bush NA 1
  • 1-2 Berries

- Plants grant 1exp per point of damage you deal to trees or per harvest.



HP Damage Defense Exp Drops Notes
En rat


1 0 0 1 Meat (Common) Doesn't attack.
En boar


4 2 0 4 -Meat-Milk (Rare) May attack rats.

Turns into Pig when captured with a net.



8 3 0 Silk Attack stuns player
Shadow cat


16 5x2 0 Meat &

Shadow fur

Can be seen while wearing spirit goggles, otherwise invisible until it attacks.
Earth elemental -- -- -- Attacks, but cannot be attacked without spirit weapons.

Can only be seen and will only attack while wearing spirit goggles.

Can be converted into an Earth Gem by capturing it with a Spirit Gem.

- Overworld mobs grant 1 exp per point of damage you deal.

Animal Notes
Seagull One can be found standing on the beach at each end of the island.
Sparrow Flit from the sky to the ground and back. Will fly away when you get within 2 tiles.
Ghost Halloween special! Floats above the ground throughout the overworld. Cannot be interacted with.

- Animals cannot be killed; attempting to attack one will always result in a Miss.

The Underground Edit

The underground consists of dirt and stone, with scattered ores. The mineable area is 95x95 squares. The Alchemist is encountered in a small under boundary tile room near the surface on the east.

Mobs encountered here are Wyrms and Golems. Wyrms are found eating their way through dirt, and will create tunnels (which can be used to track them down early on). There is a chance for a golem to spawn anytime a non-ore containing stone block is mined.

Ores include: Coal, Iron, Gold, Quartz and Diamond. Designating the overworld squares as a depth of zero, then:

Icon Block Minimum depth Maximum depth Exp Drops Notes
Mine dirt
Dirt 1 52 1 NA
Grass 0 0 1 NA Only found on the surface
Mine rock
Stone 43 94 2 NA Can spawn a Golem when mined
Mine coal
Coal 2 52 1 Coal Only found in dirt.
Mine iron
Mine iron rock
Iron 20 94 1 Iron ore More common in stone.
Mine gold
Mine gold rock
Gold 37 94 1 Gold ore Much more common in stone.
Mine crystal
Quartz 36 52 1 Quartz Only found in dirt.
Mine diamond
Diamond 74 94 2 Diamond
Lava Block 67 77 2 N/A Deals 10 damage when mined.
Mine side
Sand Block 0 94 N/A N/A
Mine purple
Bedrock 95 95 N/A N/A Not mineable

- Any dirt block can be mined with a pick strength of 1. Any stone-based block can be mined with a pick strength of 2. Sand can only be mined with a boring machine or a magic pick (cheat item)


The three Starting Island chests are found in random locations in the dirt layer of the island.

Icon Contents Location
Rusty Axe Starting island

x = 35, y = 3

Directly under the hut

Iron Armor

Iron Sword

Starting Island

4 < y < 15

Gold Bar


Starting Island

4 < y < 15

Fire Gem


Kitchen Blueprint

Fire Cave
Ice Shield Yeti Cave
Ice arrows Yeti Cave
Titanium Golem Cave




HP Damage Defense Exp Drops Notes
En wyrm


8 6 2 24
  • Dragonblood
Eats dirt blocks. Can be captured by a net. Harder to find the more you mine.
En golem


12 4 1 18
  • Diamond
  • Iron Ore
  • Gold Ore
  • Titanium (Rare)
Hides in stone blocks.

- Underground mobs give 3 exp per point of damage you deal.

The Mountain Edit

A snowy mountain located on the eastern side near The Alchemist. It's accessible as soon as the player can mine through its stone blocks with the steel pick. On the peaks are mountain trees to cut down and plenty of berry bushes to pick.

However, it is recommended that the player has progressed far enough to cook better food, get better stats and have more inventory space, as they will have to face the first boss. Along with a row of 4 fire chickens deep underground, these new mobs hit much harder and farther than the previous.

The boss, known as the dragon, drops a fire gem when killed. This is used to raise adult dragons. Alternately, the dragon can be interacted with peacefully after hatching two baby dragons during the alchemist's quest. She then gives a quest to bring her 5 baby dragons, and will offer to fly you to the magic island as a reward.

Icon Plant HP Exp Drops
Conifer Tree 9
  • 5-8 Wood
  • 1 Ice berry (Fully grown)
Red bush
Red berry bush NA 1
  • 1-2 Red Berries
Berry bush NA 1
  • 1-2 Berries




Hp Damage Defense Exp Drops Notes
Golem 12 4 1 18
  • Diamond
  • Iron Ore
  • Gold Ore
  • Titanium (Rare)
  • Hides in stone blocks.
Fire Chicken 12 6 1 48
  • Eggs
  • Shoots fireballs, medium ranged attack. Turns into Chicken when captured with a net.
  • Found in a 1x24 band below the mountain, above the entryway to the golem factory.
Yeti 16 Snowball (20), Icy Wind (10 x 2) 2 64
  • 3 Yeti Fur
  • Respawns.
  • Arctic Wind: Short ranged attack that hits twice and pushes back player 5 pixels.
  • Snowball: Used when player is directly below Yeti. High range and phases through blocks
Dragon 30 5 3
  • Fire Gem
  • Doesn't respawn. Passive until attacked. Flies. Returns to original position if player flees.
  • Fire Breath: Continuous, high ranged attack that follows player, hitting rapidly. Breaks blocks.
  • Can be spared, not needed to be fought.

The Alchemist's Cave Edit

The Alchemist's Cave is an area that appears after the bombardment. It can be accessed through a portal in the area where the alchemist is first found. It contains a storehouse, a wyrm pen, a purple hut, and a laboratory. All of the starting island npcs will relocate here, regardless of whether or not any bombs actually fell.