Here all structures will be listed. Such as The Kitchen, The Storehouse, The Power Plant, etc. Also structures like the robots.

Starting island Edit

This is a list of all structures that are originally on the starting island

Name Blueprint Materials How to Build Use Upgrade Blueprint Materials How to Upgrade Notes
Kitchen 20 Wood, 20 Coal Quest or Blueprint Cooking Food 1st upgrade: 10 Wood, 10 Steel Bars

2nd upgrade: 5 Wood, 5 Coal, 2 Sulfur, 2 Quartz

1st upgrade: Quest or Blueprint 2nd upgrade: Blueprint, must be next to hut Upgrade unlocks more food, can eventually be combined with hut to cook even more food and use power instead of fuel
House Kitchen ??? Blueprint Cooking food N/a N/a Final upgrade of kitchen, must be built next to a house
Smelter 15 Coal Quest or Blueprint Smelting Ores N/a N/a
Dock 20 Wood, 20 Cloth, 5 Nets Quest or Blueprint Builds boat and a few other items N/a N/a Can only be built near water
Market N/a Quest Can buy or sell items N/a N/a
Barn 30 Wood Quest or Blueprint Need for pens and crops. Can harvest from all crops and regular pens from it. N/a N/a Farmer cares for Barn built from the quest
Pen 8 Wood Quest or Blueprint One animal* can be placed inside and farmed N/a N/a Farmer cares for Pen built from the quest
Storehouse 16 Wood, 8 Berries Quest or Blueprint Infinite storage, but not portable N/a N/a Only 1 Storehouse can be built per island
Hut 16 Wood Quest or Blueprint Rests, saves, and skips night 5 Wood, 5 Coal, 2 Sulfur, 2 Quartz Blueprint Upgrade also restores health if it has power. House can be combined with kitchen
Dragon Cave N/a Activated in quest Raises Dragons N/a N/a
Laboratory 5 Dragonblood Quest or Blueprint Brews potions N/a N/a
Wyrm Pen 10 Steel Bars Quest or Blueprint Two animals** can be placed inside and farmed, does not connect to barn N/a N/a Alchemist cares for Wyrm Pen built from the quest
Golem factory N/a Activate with earth gem and defeat golemech Builds golems and earth equipment N/a N/a Deactivates if you choose to create Golemech

*: Chicken, cow, pig or spider

**: Wyrm, mecha wyrm, diode wolf or golem

Sunset Haven Edit

Name Blueprint Materials How to build Use Upgrade blueprint materials How to upgrade Notes
Warehouse 40 Wood, 10 Cloth, 10 Nets Pre-existing Combination of Storehouse and dock N/a N/a
Power plant 10 Steel Bars, 5 Titanium Quest to repair, blueprint or pre-built in the bunker during bombardment Most buildings on sunset haven need it, can craft batteries 10 Steel Bars, 5 Titanium, 5 Silicon Blueprint Upgrade can store more power, craft new items and is powered by Uranium instead of Refined Oil or Coal
Inn N/a Pre-existing Can rest in to restore health and stamina, save, and skip night, but cost 50 coins. If you leave without staying, the game still saves N/a N/a Needs working Power Plant, becomes free after Pirate quest
Factory 15 Coal, 10 Sulfur, 4 Quartz Quest or Blueprint Can craft items and smelt without fuel 1 High-Tech Part, 10 Steel Bars Blueprint Needs working Power Plant, upgrade unlocks more items
Elevator 2 Silicon, 2 Titanium, 10 Steel Bars, 1 Chest Quest or Blueprint Moves up and down without using stamina, carries items N/a N/a Needs working Power Plant
Surgery Lab 1 Hi-Tech Part, 5 Steel Bars, 5 Silicon, 1 Uranium Quest unlocks or Blueprint Can craft cyborg equip, mecha wyrm, and diode wolf, and can change your appearance N/a N/a Found in the Mirrows' Lab
Rejuvination Pod N/a Quest Passes the night, refills health and stamina and saves the game. Costs 50 Coins to use. N/a N/a Found in the Water Cave after the Mirrows move there
Market N/a Pre-existing Sells different items than starting island one does N/a N/a Needs working Power Plant, abandoned after bombardment.
Sub Pen 16 Steel Bars, 2 Uranium, 6 Silicon Quest or Blueprint Crafts sub and sub equip N/a N/a
Airport 1 High-Tech Parts, 20 Steel Bars, 5 Silicon, 1 Uranium Quest to get Blueprint Crafts Jet and Jet equipment N/a N/a Needs power

Sunset Haven Hold Edit

Name Blueprint Materials How to build Use Notes
Bunker 16 Steel Bars, 2 Silicon Pre-built in hold during bombardment, blueprint Passes the night, saves the game, and refills health and stamina, can be built underground Needs power to restore health
Bunker Kitchen 16 Steel Bars, 2 Silicon Blueprint Cooks any food that the House Kitchen can, can be built underground Needs power, must be built next to a bunker
Bunker Depot 16 Steel Bars, 2 Silicon Pre-built in hold during bombardment, blueprint Acts as a Storehouse, can be built underground
Bunker Factory 1 High-Tech Parts, 16 Steel Bars, 2 Silicon Pre-built in hold during bombardment, blueprint Crafts everything in Upgraded Factory, can be built underground Needs power
Bunker Market N/a Pre-built in hold during bombardment Sells different wares from start and sunset haven markets

The Heights Edit

Name How to get Use Notes
Crashed Life Pods Pre-existing Can read logs, one contains 6 bandages Underwater between the heights and sunset haven, achievement for finding one
Crashed Ship Pieces Pre-existing Turn into escort ship Disappears after building escort
Com Station Build after quest None yet, will be able to communicate with other colonies. It can connect to itself, saying "It found a signal! Oh, it connected to itself, that's not very helpful"

Pirate Island Edit

Name How to get Use Notes
Warehouse Unlocks after killing pirates, blueprint Combination dock and storehouse Contains blueprints for advanced lab, power plant, and nuclear plant, along with some resources. On tech side
Advanced Lab Unlocks after killing pirates, build from blueprint Crafts robots and high tech equipment Uses power. On tech side
Sea Witch's Hut Pre-existing Rests and restores stamina, skips to night instead of day Magic side

Eastern (magic) island Edit

Name How to Build Use Notes
Magic Hut Alchemist activates Same as hut, cannot be upgraded Is partially underground
Forge Activate using fire gem as part of a quest, grow from seed Enchanting equipment Can be built underground, some enchanting recipes are on pillars. For more info, go to Crafting
Synthesizer Activate using water gem as part of a quest, grow from seed Synthesizes food and items Can be built underground underground, uses focus gems as fuel, only steak and bread do not require additional items
Time Manipulator Activate using ice gem, grow from seed Uncraft, Reset Skills, Set time (24h format) Can be built underground, On floating island, need dragon armor or better to fly to, uses focus gems as fuel
Dragon cave Alchemist activates Raises dragons
Evo Chamber Unlocks after killing the old one, grow from seed Can craft evo shard, evo gem, and evo seed Uses focus gems as fuel
Spirit Pyramid Find underground Enter to find multiple boss rooms Need spirit goggles to see

Cultivator Island Edit

Name How to build Use Notes
Vine Copse Kill the Cultivator, grow from seed Crafts some items and magic structure seeds, upgrades familiar
Dragonship Factory Activates after killing the Storm Turns elder dragon into dragonship Need high flight height to get to
Library Pre-existing Crafts spellbooks Part of underwater fish town
Fish Merchant Shop Pre-existing Sells and buys magic supplies Part of underwater fish town
Sea Witch's Underwater Hut Pre-existing Rests and restores stamina Part of underwater fish town

Earth City Edit

Name How to build Use Notes
Drone Factory Pre-existing, blueprint Crafts drones, nets and everything that the Advanced Lab can
Polymer assemble Pre-existing, blueprint Makes polymer paper, uses fuel
Blueprint printer Pre-existing, blueprint Prints blueprints out of polymer paper
Scavenger's Bunker Pre-existing Rests and restores Health, Stamina, and Power
Drone Control Panel Pre-existing Sets enemy drones to passive mode Gives "Take Control" achievement
Medbot Pre-existing Restores Health and Stamina
Bed Pre-existing Rests and restores Health and Stamina

Modules Edit

Name How to build Use Notes
Connector Module Blueprint Building area/connector Has vertical openings as well
Small Module Blueprint Building area
Large Module Blueprint Building area
X-Large Module Blueprint Building area Has vertical openings as well
Ship Dock Blueprint Makes fighter escort Only has an opening on the right side

Placeables Edit

Icon Name Weight Materials Sell Use Notes
Rail 1 1 iron ore, 1 wood 2 Track for Minecart Crafting gives you four
Fence 2 2 wood 7 Enemies cannot pass through Cannot be built underground
Jack 'O Lantern 1 1 pumpkin 7 Provides light Craft from inventory, crafting also gives pumpkin seeds
Sign 3 2 wood 7 Shows Message
Campfire 3 3 wood 11 Cooks Steak 50 max fuel
Snowman 2 1 ice berries 14 Decoration
Chest 5 5 wood;1 titanium, 1 chest for titanium chest; all except normal found underground 18 Infinite storage 4 types (Regular, Titanium, Ice, and Treasure. The only difference is their appearance)
Workbench 5 5 wood 18 Crafts Items Only workshop items not using steel, can be used form inventory
Trap 1 1 wood, 1 iron ore 21 4 damage to enemy when sprung Will not be sprung by player
Net 1 2 cloth 28 Captures some enemies. Capture 1 Deals 1 damage to the creature if capture fails
Anvil 4 1 iron bar 35 Repairs items Can be used from inventory
Name Plate 3 2 wood, 1 gold bar 70 Renames island that it is placed on.
Minecart 5 5 iron bars 70 Like a moveable chest Requires rails to move
Steel Workbench 5 1 workbench, 5 steel bars 175 Crafts items Only workshop items, can be used from inventory
Landmine 2 3 sulfur, 1 silicon, 1 iron bar 210 Damage 8, burn 3-5 when sprung Will not be sprung by player, fire type
Furnace 5 5 steel bar, 2 coal 280 Smelts ores 100 max fuel
Generator 40 3 Steel Bar, 3 Titanium, 3 Silicon, 3 Gold Bar ??? Like a miniature power plant Needs to be connected by cables
Cable 1 1 silicon, 1 iron ore 7 Connecets buildings to power horizontally and vertically Crafting gives 6
Spirit Gem 5 Mined, found in chests, or kill wyrm queen 210 Turns captured spirits into spirit gems In magic items section of inventory