Spirit World is a special area accessed from Mars, and can eventually be accessed from Enemy HQ too. To access it, you must complete the Exiled's quest to open a portal to the Spirit World. The portal can only be seen if you have equipment that allows you to see spirits.

If you're in the Spirit World and have no equipment that allows you to see spirits equipped, everything will become dark. This is only a visual change, and you can still do anything you were able to do with spirit vision. Another unique feature of the Spirit World is that flying is impossible, no matter what flying equipment or vehicle you have. These aspects of the spirit world can also be seen in the Colosseum.

Chest Location Icon Contents
Spirit Chest connected to Spirit Void End of lower left platform 5 Spirit Gems, and connects to your spirit void

Harvesting[edit | edit source]

Image Name Icon Produces
Ice Bush ICE BERRY-icon-sml.png 1-2 Ice Berries
Spirit Tree (Ice) 4-6 Spirit Arrows (Ice)

Enemies[edit | edit source]

The Spirit World is home to most spirit enemies. Unlike any other area, you can see all spirit enemies, even if you don't have any equipment that allows you to see spirits, but they will only appear as silhouettes.

Name Image Locations Captured Item Attack Damage
Fire Spirit
Fire spirit.png
Eastern Island - underground.
Starting Island Fire Cave.

Spirit World

Very fast attacks by zooming at the player 10 UIFire.png
Water Spirit
Water spirit.png
Eastern Island - day.
Cultivator Island - Fish Village.

Spirit World

Slow moving, attacks medium/slowly 18 UIWater.png
Earth Spirit
Starting Island.
Undeveloped Island.

Spirit World

Attacks very slowly in a melee range, also very slow 15 UIEarth.png
Ice Spirit
Eastern Island - floating area.
Ice Island.

Spirit World

Attacks very quickly in a melee range 10 UIIce.png
Plant Spirit
Eastern Island - night.
Cultivator Island.

Spirit World

Medium ranged attack and attacks very slowly 15 UIPlant.png
Spirit Fox Spirit World Spirit Fox Helm Runs fast and attacks like a Shadow Cat 20UIFire.png
Spirit Fish Spirit World.

Mars ocean

Spirit Fish Flies and bites you 30 UIWater.png
Spirit Ox Spirit World Spirit Storehouse Seed Medium range flurry of punches 30UIEarth.png
Spirit Imp Spirit World Spirit Robes Short ranged attack that freezes 20UIIce.png
Venatrix Spirit World Spirit Tree Seed Shoots long ranged homing spirit arrows 20UIPlant.png

NPCs[edit | edit source]

The only NPC in the Spirit World is the Spirit NPC. It acts as a shop for not only items, but also information about spirits, them, etc. The Spirit doesn't accept money as payment, instead asking for Spirit Spirit.gif. It also gives you a quest for more Spirit Spirit.gif to access a new part of the Spirit World, and to connect the Spirit World to Enemy HQ.

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