Story[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

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Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Spirit Path 100 Spirit Talking to the Spirit about "them" 2000 Exp, opens up a portal to Enemy HQ

Trading[edit | edit source]

The Spirit is the only shop, other than the Beastmaster, that has an unlimited inventory, and doesn't sell items for money. He is the only shop to use Spirit Spirit.gif for trades. He has two categories of sales: Knowledge and Power. All knowledge costs 5 Spirit, and he will tell you something in return. Power represents items that he will sell you.

Knowledge[edit | edit source]

About Them[edit | edit source]

Ah yes, I know of the creatures you speak. They sometimes travel to this world attempting to strengthen their magic, and have made their own deals with me.

I do not know anything about their magic secrets, but I do know that it connects their headquarters strongly to this world.

Their headquarters is an enormous dragonship with vast amounts of power and is impenetrable in the living world.

I could create a passage, allowing you to travel there if you wish, but it will not come cheap.

Note: You can only ask about them once, and it will open up the quest Spirit Path.

About Spirits[edit | edit source]

Spirits come in all shapes and sizes, and appear in Spirit World from all over the universe. Normal weapons cannot harm them, although they have no trouble harming the living.

To defeat spirits, you will need to use weapons like the Spirit Glaive I gave you that deals Spirit damage.

Most spirits are elemental, so taking advantage of their strengths and weaknesses will make it much easier to defeat them.

About Spirit.gif Spirit[edit | edit source]

Spirit.gif Spirit does not have many uses for the living, like you. But for a spirit, it makes them stronger and gives them new abilities and powers.

Some spirits use this power to return to the land of the living… but being a spirit in a living world is more frustrating than fun. Some, like me, craft their own section of Spirit World and become the ruler of a domain.

While there are many ways to gain Spirit.gif Spirit , the easiest is to have a living, like you, defeat spirits and collect it for us.

About This Place[edit | edit source]

Spirit World is endless and unfathomable, but this part of Spirit World is my domain. Domains are sections of Spirit World carved out by using Spirit.gif Spirit.

In one’s domain, a spirit can create or do pretty much anything, as long as they have enough Spirit.gif Spirit to maintain it. Think of it as my own personal paradise.

There are many other domains out there, but in general we avoid other domains and keep to ourselves. I only keep other spirits around as fodder for gaining Spirit.gif Spirit.

About Elements[edit | edit source]

There are five elements - UIFire.png Fire, UIWater.png Water, UIIce.png Ice, UIEarth.png Earth, and UIPlant.png Plant, which each have two strengths and two weaknesses. This can be arranged in a pentagram like so:

Element Table.png

Some weapons, like the Spirit Glaive I gave you, can change their element. Taking advantage of this can make difficult battles easy.

Note: The first time you ask this question, you will receive an Element Table

About Spirit Fish[edit | edit source]

There is something fishy about Spirit Fish. They are the only spirit that becomes a familiar when caught, they can deal damage to other spirits, and they can even fly in this world where nothing else can.

It is my belief that Spirit Fish are not actually normal spirits from the living world, but are natives to this world.

How such a thing is possible, I do not know, but, this world is very large and strange.

Power[edit | edit source]

Item Cost
Exotic Matter 60
Spirit Fox Helm 100
Spirit Glaive 10
Spirit Storehouse Seed 100
Spirit Tree Seed 100
Spirit Gem 20
Evolution Shard 20
Alien Heart 50
Evo Spirit Gem 60
Magic Staff 50
Spirit Robes 100
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