Story Edit


After returning to the ocean she turns into her aquatic form.


Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
The Sea Witch 1 Revitalizing Potion Allows you to craft magical items with the Sea Witch, 500 Exp The Librarian in the Underwater Village tells you the recipe to the Revitalizing Potion after talking to him enough
Your First Wand 1 Wood, 1 Evolution Gem Evolve Dragon Ship, The Sea Witch, wear a Robe 1 Magic Wand, unlocks Magic Wand and Flying Broom recipes from Sea Witch, 750 Exp She will go to the sea after you complete the required quests. This will also let you make more spellbooks.

Crafting Edit

Name Required Items
Magic Wand 1 Wood, 1 Evolution Gem
Flying Broom 2 Wood, 1 Evolution Gem, 1 Silk, 6 Shadow Fur
Interstellar Broom 1 Flying Broom, 3 Evo Spirit Gem, 6 Magnegem, 9 Fish Scale
Shadow Cape 4 Shadow Fur
Witch Hat 12 Shadow Fur, 12 Focus Gems
Robes 12 Shadow Fur, 6 Spirit Gems
Black Cat

(Needed for the Dark

Sorcery achievement)

In the Vine Copse: 1 Cat, 1 Shadow Fur
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