Repairing can be done in many ways. Repairing can be done to any repairable equipment with one of the same type of material used to craft it at an anvil. Repairing restores all of the equipment's durability. Repairing can also be done to vehicles at any time while in the vehicle's equipment menu.


Icon Name Repair Cost
Rusty axe Rusty Axe 1 Iron Ore
Iron pickaxe Iron Pick 1 Iron Bar
Iron sword Iron Sword 1 Iron Bar
Iron armor Iron Armor 1 Iron Bar
Steel pickaxe Steel Pick 1 Steel Bar
Steel sword Steel Sword 1 Steel Bar
Steel armor Steel Armor 1 Steel Bar
SteelAxe Steel Axe 1 Steel Bar
Steel Hammer 1 Steel Bar
GoldenSword Golden Sword 1 Gold Bar
Buckler-0 Buckler 1 Wood
KiteShield Kite Shield 1 Steel Bar
GoldShield Golden Shield 1 Gold Bar
Fishing rod Fishing Rod 1 Wood
GreatArmor Great Armor 1 Titanium
DragonSword Dragon Sword 1 Fire Gem
IceShield Ice Shield 1 Ice Gem
Scale Mail Scale Mail 1 Fish Scale
Carapace Armor 1 Blood Gem
EarthArmor Earth Armor 1 Earth Gem
Mega Earth Armor 1 Earth Gem
Mega Earth Helm 1 Earth Gem
Robes Robes 1 Shadow Fur


Icon Name Repair Cost
FireSword Fire Sword 1 Fire Tusk
IceSword Ice Sword 1 Icy Fur
WaterSword Water Sword 1 Icy Fur, 1 Fire Tusk
PlantSword Plant Sword 1 Plant Eye
DrainSword Drain Sword 1 Dragonblood
Fire Axe 1 Fire Tusk
Ice Axe 1 Icy Fur
Water Axe 1 Icy Fur, 1 Fire Tusk
Plant Axe 1 Plant Eye
Drain Axe 1 Dragonblood
FireChainsaw Fire Chainsaw 1 Fire Tusk
IceChainsaw Ice Chainsaw 1 Icy Fur
WaterChainsaw Water Chainsaw 1 Icy Fur, 1 Fire Tusk
PlantChainsaw Plant Chainsaw 1 Plant Eye
DrainChainsaw Drain Chainsaw 1 Dragonblood
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