Story[edit | edit source]

Before their invasion of Earth, the Ranger was sent to the Unnature Sanctuary planet to take care of it. While he was an engineer and a biologist, his main duty was taking care of Splicer.

During their invasion of Earth, all communications between Earth and the Sanctuary were dead. Thinking it was a mechanical error, the Ranger attempted to fix them. Meanwhile, however, Splicer was malfunctioning, and "decided that this planet would be better off without humans", and turned the Ranger into a werewolf to prevent further communication with other humans. The Ranger sent one last distress signal and went into hiding underground.

After the player disturbs the Unnature Sanctuary and gets turned into a werewolf, the Ranger digs up from underground and talks to the player. He trains the player to become stronger in their werewolf form, and when the player's ready, he brings him along to Splicer's lab to attempt to take back control. If the player takes care of Splicer's Chimera, the Ranger successfuly takes control back of Splicer, and returns with the now obeying Splicer to his cave.

After Splicer is defeated, the Ranger decides to stay as a werewolf, as he was one for so long. The player can now invite the Ranger onto the Mobile Lab to aid as researcher.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Genes Spliced! Help the Ranger take control of Splicer (Defeat Splicer's Chimera) Be transformed into a werewolf by Splicer 4000 Exp, unlocks Splicer for transforming back into a human and crafting DNA You need to complete the Ranger's two other quests in order to complete this one, even though you get it before either of them.
Sharpen Claws 5 Meat Tree Seeds Start the "Genes Spliced!" quest 1000 Exp, your Paws turn into Claws
Physical Training Defeat 5 Acid Raptors and 4 Drill Beetles Complete "Sharpen Claws" 1000 Exp, your Werewolf Body and Werewolf Head turn into Werewolf Healing Body and Werewolf Cunning Head
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