UIQuestLogThis page describes all quests in Aground. Quests are given by NPCs and sometimes your character. A list of quests you have received can be accessed by pressing Q. Selecting a quest in the log can bring up a radar to locate the quest giver if they are on the same map. The icon overlaps the clock and can be obscured by it.

When a quest is available or complete, an exclamation mark UIQuest will be displayed above the NPC.

Location groupings are by starting location of each NPC.

Starting Island Edit


Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Build Hut 8 Wood None Hut You can rest in the hut for a stamina refill
Build Dock 20 Wood, 10 Steel Bars Workshop
Trader is sent away
Dock House

80 Exp

The dock house can craft a number of things
To Space! Place 1 Power Core in the Escort Ship Repair Escort Ship
Attempting to fly the ship without Power Cores
The Escort Ship can now fly, 1000 Exp If you already have have a Power Core on the ship, the quest will not trigger.


Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Build Storehouse 8 Wood, 4 Berries Build Hut Storehouse

6 Exp

The builder will give you a stone axe. You can find it on his dead body if you don't save him.
Build Kitchen 10 Wood, 10 Coal Build Farm Kitchen

20 Exp

You can cook better food in the kitchen
Upgrade Kitchen 5 Wood, 5 Steel Bars Build Market
or Build Dock
Upgraded Kitchen

60 Exp

The upgraded kitchen has more recipes


Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Craft Smelter 15 Coal Build Storehouse Smelter

20 Exp

The miner will give you a stone pick.
Craft Workshop 5 Wood, 5 Iron Bars Build Farm Workshop

40 Exp

You can craft stronger gear in the workshop
Laying Rails 1 Minecart, 12 Rails Build Market
or Build Dock
The Rails and Minecart are laid underground near the Storehouse, 80 Exp Some rails and a Minecart are laid on the Island near the Storehouse


Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Build Farm 15 Wood Craft Smelter Farm, 2 Bread

10 Exp

The farm grows food
Apple Seeds 4 Apples Build Farm Orchards

10 Exp

Orchards grow apples in the farm
Build Pig Pen 2 Pigs Build Market
or Build Dock or

Capture Boars

Pen Blueprints, 2 Pen, 60 Exp The pen farms multiple animal items


Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Hunting Boars Bow, Defeat 5 Boars Pickaxe Backpack

30 Exp

The hunter will give you a workbench.
Perimeter 6 Fences Build Farm, Hunting Boars 40 Exp The Hunter will place one fence near the farm
Wolf Pup 3 Nets, 3 Traps, 6 Meat Perimeter, Dock Tame Wolf

60 Exp

The tame wolf does 3 damage


Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Magic Materials 1 Dragonblood Build Hut Lab

60 Exp

The lab is used to craft potions
Wyrm Pen 2 Wyrms Magic Materials, Build Market
or Build Dock
Wyrm Pen

250 Exp

The wyrm pen can farm multiple kinds of animals, but is not connected to the barn.
Hatch Dragons 5 Baby dragons Baby Dragon Adult Dragon

80 Exp

You won't get this quest if you killed the dragon
Magical Axe 1 Rusty Axe, 1 Fire Tusk Rusty Axe Ancient Axe Recipe

Ancient Axe 80 Exp

You get the fire tusks by killing the fire boars
Wyrm Hive Find the Wyrm Hive, 1 Spirit Gem Raise an Adult Dragon/ Hatch Dragons Spirit Goggles

250 Exp

You have to take a spirit gem found in a chest in the cave.

The Spirit goggles lets you see hidden magic

Wyrm Research 1 Wyrm, 1 Fire Tusk, and 1 Icy Fur Spirit Power 1 Alter Gem

250 Exp

Allows you to turn dragons or wyrms into equipment with alter gems.
Magical Energy Talk to the Old One and defeat it Wyrm Research, Mine to the second layer of the island 500 Exp Currently leads to demo

magic ending

Spirit Power Activate the Forge and the Synthesizer Wyrm Hive 250 Exp
Study Magic 1 Evolution Gem, go to the Elder Dragon's island Magical Energy 750 Exp
Secret Potion 1 Ink, 1 Blood Gem, 1 Alter Gem, 1 Dragonblood Build Hut 1 Brilliant Potion, the recipe for Brilliant Potion is added to the Lab, 100 Exp The quest only on April 1st.


Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Build Market 5 Gold Bars Workshop (Trader not sent away)
Dock (Trader sent away)
Market, Coin Purse

60 Exp

The market is used for trading goods
Build Dock 500 Coins, 20 Wood, 5 Cloth, and 5 Nets Market, Animal Pen Dock House

80 Exp

The dock house can craft a number of things
Boat 9 Wood, 9 Steel Bars, 9 Cloth, 9 Nets Dock, Market Boat

100 Exp

The boat is used to travel to Sunset Haven

Sunset HavenEdit


Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Finding Peri 3 Toothfish None Peri

150 Exp

The cat does 2 damage with a continuous attack animation
Defeat Pirates Defeat both Pirate Ships Finding Peri, rest at the Inn Advanced Laboratory, access to the Warehouse on Divider Island, the Inn doesn't charge you for visits anymore, 750 Exp Requires travel through water portal


Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Fix Power Plant 2 Titanium None Power Plant, 1 Steel Bar,

150 Exp

Titanium can be found in treasure chests in the dirt in Sunset Haven
Build Factory 15 Coal, 10 Sulfur, 4 Quartz Mirrows and a Power Plant with power Factory

200 Exp

Talk with Inn keeper after repairing the power plant.

You need to have a battery in your inventory for the mechanic to give you this quest

Build Elevator 2 Silicon, 2 Titanium, 10 Steel Bars, 1 Chest Mine 1 or more blocks of Science Island stone (requires Factory) Elevator, Elevator Blueprint

250 Exp

You need to have made the drill and drill some stone in Sunset Haven for the mechanic to give you this quest
Convince the Mirrows Dragon Armor Explore the labs of Mirrows Access to the Surgery Lab, 100 Exp Find the hidden Lab entrance below the entrance to the Mirrows lab and talk to Mechanic after reading all ship logs to receive quest.

Dragon Armor is the "???" item required to complete quest.

Build Com Station Reach the summit, 1 Hi-Tech Parts Com Device Com Station, 500 Exp Use the Com Device to call the Mechanic from the summit of the western island to end the quest.
Old Wrecks 8 AI Cores, 50 Hi-Tech Parts, 250 Titanium, 50 Magnegems Defeat the Final Boss 4000 Exp This is the needed amount of materials to repair the Colony Ship on the Sunset Haven Desert, or the one on the Earth Desert.


Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Defeat Bandits Kill all the Bandits Power Plant with power Coin Purse with 200 coins

250 Exp

You have to repair the power plant and talk to any merchant in Sunset Haven to get this quest


Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Confront the Mirrows Confront the Mirrows Power Plant with power 10 coal, access to the Surgery Lab, 500 Exp Go to the door on the space ship. Then either fight them or dig below it, find the hidden entrance and explore the lab

The MirrowsEdit

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Water Cave Find the Water Cave, 8 Steel Bar, 1 Uranium, 3 Silicon Confront the Mirrows / Convince the Mirrows Sub Pen, Com Device, a Chest with an Elevator Blueprint and a Map, 500 Exp The Water Cave can be found in the west of the desert of Sunset Haven, it can be found by diving west of the island and entering through the opening.

The Mirrows will relocate to the Water Cave when this quest is complete.

Ship Parts 1 Hi-Tech Parts Sub Pen Airport Blueprint, 750 Exp Hi-Tech Parts can be found underwater under the island to the west of the science island. Build a Submarine to explore. Talking to the Mechanic after she gives this quest gives House and Kitchen Blueprints.
Repair Escort Ship 5 Hi-Tech Parts, 20 Titanium, 5 Uranium, 5 Silicon Ship Parts, find the ship crash site Access to the Escort Ship, 1000 Exp You may need to call the Mirrows on the Com Device to get a ride back to the Sub Pen.
End the Siege Defeat the Bomber Ship Study Magic 1000 Exp The Bomber Ship is in orbit above the starting planet, protected by 4 Fighter Alien Ships
Cyborg Carapace 5 Carapaces, 20000 Coins Get rescued by the colonists 4000 Exp, access to tier 2 cyborg upgrades

Ore MerchantEdit

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Mysterious Ores 10 Magnegems End the Siege Bunker, Bunker Depot, Bunker Kitchen, Hydroponics and Bunker Factory Blueprints, 1000 Exp The ores are found in Unoiks 428b
Exotic Matter 4 Exotic Matter Mysterious Ores Large Module, Small Module, Connector Module and Ship Dock Blueprints, 1000 Exp Exotic Matter is dropped by enemy ships and mined in Unoiks 428b

Cultivator IslandEdit

Elder DragonEdit

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
The Vine Copse Activate The Vine Copse after defeating the Cultivator Magical Energy 2 Horns, 500 Exp Keep travelling in the same direction you found the Elder Dragon
Evolve Dragon Ship Go to Flying Dragon Island, defeat the Storm, evolve a Dragon Ship The Vine Copse, Study Magic Access to the Dragon Ship Factory, 1000 Exp, If you have also completed the Sea Witch's quest, then after talking to her she will go underwater, letting you craft the wand/broom. Flying Dragon Island is found above Cultivator Island. Requires an Elder Dragon, Anti-grav Pack or Escort Ship to reach the Island. Entering either the Starting Island or Sunset Haven after finishing this quest triggers bombardment.

Fish Librarian Edit

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Revitalize Dragon 1 Snaptopus, 5 Fish Scales, 4 Horns, 9 Dragonblood Started Evolve Dragon Ship and didn't kill the Storm, didn't talk to the Sea Witch yet 1 Revitalizing Potion, Revitalizing Potion recipe added to Lab, 750 Exp
Their Secrets Find the Exiled on Mars The Sea Witch returned to the Fish Village 1000 Exp

Fish VillagerEdit

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Fish Food 1 Coral Cod, 1 Rockfish, 1 Toothfish, 1 Rice 1 Sushi, unlocks the Sushi recipe in the Kitchen, 500 Exp

Fish MerchantEdit

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Coral Pen 1 Scale Fish The Vine Copse Unlocks the Coral Pen Seed from the Fish Merchant's store, 500 Exp

Divider IslandEdit

Sea WitchEdit

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
The Sea Witch 1 Revitalizing Potion Allows you to craft magical items with the Sea Witch, 500 Exp The Librarian in the Underwater Village tells you the recipe to the Revitalizing Potion after talking to him enough. It is found at the Alchemist's Laboratory
Your First Wand 1 Wood, 1 Evolution Gem Wear Robes, Study Magic 1 Magic Wand, unlocks Magic Wand and Flying Broom recipes from Sea Witch, 750 Exp She will go to the fish villiage after you complete the required quests, so this quest requires you to find her there. This will also let you make more spellbooks.



Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Drone Access 1 Disabled Keycard Have a Com Device A Keycard that opens a door to the Drone Factory, 1000 Exp You can also activate the other Disabled Keycard, from a chest in the subway, by talking to Scavenger.
Survivors Talk to the Professor Drone Access, find the Drone Factory and disable the security drones Access to the Professor's Lab, 1000 Exp The door to the Professor's lab is unlocked with the Professor's Keycard given to you by the Scavenger at the start of the quest.


Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Study the Stars 10 Magnegems, 8 AI Cores, 10 Hi-Tech Parts, 50 Titanium Survivors Builds the Mobile Lab, 2000 Exp Every item except the Magnegems can be found on Earth, but Magnegems are obtained from unoiks 428b.
Research Time! 1 Alien Locator Study the Stars Unlocks Alien HQ, 1000 Exp Starting this quest will add the Alien Locator recipe to the Research Lab



Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Virus Key 5 Alien Hearts, 1 Exo Drill Research Time! 4000 Exp
Exo Factory 5 Chromium. 3 Hi-Tech Parts, 3 AI Cores Research Time! 4000 Exp, unlockes Exo Factory recipes in Colony's Drone Factory
Launch Virus Destroy or disable Enemy Cruiser Virus Key, return to Alien HQ 4000 Exp, allows access to Enemy HQ


Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Time to Fly! 1 Exo Fighter Research Time! 4000 Exp, 1 Exo Fighter with Pilot Pack Up Exo Fighter into inventory

Mars Edit

Exiled Edit

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward


Dragon Talk 1 Book of Translation, 1 Dragon Seed The Sea Witch returned to the Fish Village 2000 Exp, opens up a portal to the Spirit World You can only complete the quest while being able to see spirits.
To the Leader 1 Evolution Gem, 1 Amethyst Wyrm, 1 Magnegem A Magical Deal 4000 Exp, 1 Amethyst Queen Drill, unlocks the Amethyst Queen Drill recipe in the HQ Dragon Chamber You get a Magnetrap and the recipe to create Magnetraps at the beginning of the quest. Also, the second wave of bombardment starts.

Spirit World Edit

Spirit Edit

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Spirit Path 100 Spirit Talking to the Spirit about "them" 2000 Exp, opens up a portal to Enemy HQ

Enemy HQ Edit

HQ Structures Edit

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
A Magical Deal 3 Spirit Tree Seeds Book of Translation to communicate with the structures 4000 Exp, access to the HQ structures

Unnature Sanctuary Edit

Ranger Edit

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Genes Spliced! Help the Ranger take control of Splicer (Defeat Splicer's Chimera) Be transformed into a werewolf by Splicer 4000 Exp, unlocks Splicer for transforming back into a human and crafting DNA You need to complete the Ranger's two other quests in order to complete this one, even though you get it before either of them.
Sharpen Claws 5 Meat Tree Seeds Start the "Genes Spliced!" quest 1000 Exp, your Paws turn into Claws
Physical Training Defeat 5 Acid Raptors and 4 Drill Beetles Complete "Sharpen Claws" 1000 Exp, your Werewolf Body and Werewolf Head turn into Werewolf Healing Body and Werewolf Cunning Head

The Depths Edit

Explorer Edit

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Unfathomable 5 Hi-Tech Parts, 8 Moissanite, 8 Diamonds, 1 Power Core None 2000 Exp, a Submersible 4 Power Core Parts can be found in The Depths, and the Explorer can craft them into a Power Core.
Ancient Ruins Activate the 5 Monoliths in The Depths with Bone Shards Unfathomable 4000 Exp The Monoliths are:

1) On the land chunk

2) At the bottom, next to the maze entrance

3) At the end of the maze

4) Up and to the left of the second Monolith

5) The rightmost point of The Depths

Finishing this quest will start the fight with the Dishonored One.

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