Portable structures are placeables that are similar to existing structures, but portable structures can be stored in an inventory and are not built using blueprints. Portable structures are usually less useful than their existing structure counterpart, with the exception of their portability. Portable structures do not have to be placed at ground level, unlike existing structures.

Icon Name Use Location Cost Weight
Workbench Can craft up to Iron Gear
  • Crafted from 5 Wood at Workshop
  • Given to you by the Hunter when you start his quest
25 5
Steel Workbench Can craft Steel Gear
  • Crafted from 3 Steel Bar, and 1 Workbench at Workshop
250 5
Anvil Used to repair gear.
  • Crafted from 1 Iron Bar at Workshop
50 5
Campfire Cook Steaks
  • Crafted from 3 Wood at Workshop
15 3
Furnace Smelts ores
  • Crafted from 5 Steel Bar, and 2 Coal at Workshop
400 5
Mini Synthesizer Creates food or magic items.
  • Crafted from 2 Fins, 1 Water Gem, and 1 Book of Absorption at a Vine Corpse
  • Found in dragon ships
N/A 10
Chest Acts as a Storage, 4 types(changes are only cosmetic) Normal: Crafted at Workshop; Golden: In dungeons, made in Forge; Ice: Ice areas, made in Forge; Titanium: In water maze, crafted in Factory. 25 5
Spirit Chest Acts as a Storage, can be placed underwater
  • Found on Cultivator Island
  • Crafted from 1 Chest, 1 Spirit Gem at a Forge
25 5
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