Story[edit | edit source]

You will meet the Mechanic on Sunset Haven. She will give you quests, such as Fix Power Plant, Build Factory and also Build Elevator. After Quest completion, you will gain access to the Power Plant (mainly use to Recharge Battery), Factory (use to craft items, some not available in the Workshop) and Elevator. After completing the Water Cave quest, the Mechanic gives blueprints for Factory Upgrade, House and House Kitchen. The mechanic can also fix your equipment by talking to her. Later, you find out that her name is Cass, and she is the daughter of The Mirrows.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Fix Power Plant 2 Titanium None Power Plant, 1 Steel Bar,

150 Exp

Titanium can be found in treasure chests in the dirt in Sunset Haven
Build Factory 15 Coal, 10 Sulfur, 4 Quartz Mirrows and a Power Plant with power Factory

200 Exp

Talk with Inn keeper after repairing the power plant.

You need to have a battery in your inventory for the mechanic to give you this quest

Build Elevator 2 Silicon, 2 Titanium, 10 Steel Bars, 1 Chest Mine 1 or more blocks of Science Island stone (requires Factory) Elevator, Elevator Blueprint

250 Exp

You need to have made the drill and drill some stone in Sunset Haven for the mechanic to give you this quest
Convince the Mirrows Dragon Armor Explore the labs of Mirrows Access to the Surgery Lab, 100 Exp Find the hidden Lab entrance below the entrance to the Mirrows lab and talk to Mechanic after reading all ship logs to receive quest.

Dragon Armor is the "???" item required to complete quest.

Build Com Station Reach the summit, 1 Hi-Tech Parts Com Device Com Station (useless as of now), 500 Exp Use the Com Device to call the Mechanic from the summit of the western island to end the quest.
Old Wrecks 8 AI Cores, 50 Hi-Tech Parts, 250 Titanium, 50 Magnegems Defeat the Final Boss 4000 Exp This is the needed amount of materials to repair the Colony Ship on the Sunset Haven Desert, or the one on the Earth Desert.

Notes[edit | edit source]

You can invite the Mechanic into the Mobile Lab, once she is on board she will repair the Lab if it takes damage. She can also repair your items for you, but only before the bombardment, and before you invite her onto the Mobile Lab. She does not count as a researcher. She will leave the Mobile Lab once CaptAIn gives you the choice of what planet humanity will colonize, which will remove the Mobile Lab's ability to repair itself.

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