"The final terrestrial planet, it has a thin atmosphere and polar ice caps."


Mars is the fourth planet in the Solar System. It has an orbital space of size 384x64.

On the surface, it appears very similar to the dwarf planet, with the exception of a cave that is very similar to the one where you first meet The Alchemist, and polar ice caps. There is also a pillar of spirit blocks leading down to the entrance of the cave. There is an underground sea that has Spirit Fish, Stygians, and coral.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

The Exiled is the one and only NPC. He has a few quests to help you learn magic and get to their HQ.

Mining[edit | edit source]

While Mars is part of the Magic path, most ores in there don't matter in this point at the path, only Exotic Matter and Evolution Shards. All blocks on the planet only need the Wyrm Drill to be mined.

Icon Block Min depth Max depth Mine
Desert Dirt 0 48 2
Iron 0 38 2
Gold 28 48 2
Quartz 38 48 2
Basalt 43 94 4
Diamond 43 86 4
Titanium 43 86 4
Lava 57 76 4
Evolution Shard 67 94 4
Uranium 67 94 4
Chromium 86 94 4
Exotic Matter 86 94 4
Blackstone 95 95
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