In order to use most commands, you need to input an ID of the correct type, and possibly other variables depending on the command, so that the game knows what you want. This page lists all of the IDs in the game.

Items[edit | edit source]

Item name Item ID
Wood wood
Coal coal
Iron Ore iron
Quartz quartz
Gold Ore gold
Diamond diamond
Sulfur sulfur
Raw Oil oil
Titanium titanium
Uranium uranium
Iron Bar iron_bar
Steel Bar steel_bar
Gold Bar gold_bar
Meat meat
Apples fruit
Wheat wheat
Eggs eggs
Milk milk
Sugar sugar
Steak steak
Bread bread
Pie pie
Pancakes pancakes
Hamburger hamburger
Cheese cheese
Pizza pizza
Omelette omelette
Cheeseburger cheeseburger
Cake cake
Candy Apple candy_apple
Dragonblood dragonblood
Stone Axe stone_axe
Stone Pick stone_pickaxe
Broken Pick broken_pickaxe
Coin Purse coin_purse
Iron Pick iron_pickaxe
Iron Sword iron_sword
Iron Armor iron_armor
Steel Pick steel_pickaxe
Steel Sword steel_sword
Steel Armor steel_armor
Great Armor titanium_armor
Bow bow
Recurve Bow recurve_bow
Arrow arrow
Ice Arrow ice_arrow
Fire Arrow fire_arrow
Water Arrow water_arrow
Drain Arrow drain_arrow
Backpack backpack
Super Pack mega_backpack
Ultra Pack ultra_backpack
Magic Pick magic_pickaxe
Magic Sword magic_sword
Magic Pack magic_backpack
Magic Box magic_box
Cloth cloth
Net net
Berries berries
Red Berries red_berries
Ice Berries ice_berries
Health Potion health_potion
Stamina Potion stamina_potion
Attack Potion attack_potion
Defense Potion defense_potion
Speed Potion speed_potion
Endurance Potion endurance_potion
Rat rat
Pig pig
Wyrm wyrm
Cocoon cocoon
Baby Dragon dragon
Young Dragon young_dragon
Adult Dragon adult_dragon
Cockatiel cockatiel
Tame Wolf wolf
Cat cat
Boat boat
Fence fence
Torch torch
Trap trap
Workbench workbench
Steel Workbench steel_workbench
Anvil anvil
Chest chest
Jack O' Lantern jakolantern
Sign sign
Name Plate area_name_sign
Rusty Axe rusty_axe
Cotton cotton
Pumpkin pumpkin
Chicken chicken
Cow cow
Fishing Rod fishing_rod
Toothfish toothfish
Rockfish rockfish
Coral Cod coral_cod
Fertilizer fertilizer
Icy Fur yeti_fur
Shadow Fur dark_fur
Fire Gem fire_gem
Water Gem water_gem
Earth Gem earth_gem
Ice Gem ice_gem
Plant Gem plant_gem
Buckler buckler
Kite Shield kite_shield
Enchanted Shield ice_shield
Snowman snowman
Ancient Axe thunder_axe
Fire Tusk fire_tusk
Silicon silicon
Refined Oil refined_oil
Battery battery
Drill drill
Revolver revolver
Shotgun shotgun
Bullet bullet
Ice Bullet ice_bullet
Fire Bullet fire_bullet
Water Bullet water_bullet
Drain Bullet drain_bullet
Shell shell
Tank Shell tank_shell
Ice Shell ice_shell
Fire Shell fire_shell
Water Shell water_shell
Drain Shell drain_shell
Chainsaw chainsaw
Fire Chainsaw fire_chainsaw
Ice Chainsaw ice_chainsaw
Water Chainsaw water_chainsaw
Plant Chainsaw plant_chainsaw
Drain Chainsaw drain_chainsaw
Minecart minecart
Rail rail
Map map
Shovel shovel
Crowbar crowbar
Landmine landmine
Alter Gem alter_gem
Focus Gem focus_gem
Spirit Gem spirit_gem
Blood Gem blood_gem
Baby Cannon baby_cannon
Dragonflame dragonflame
Wyrm Drill wyrm_drill
Dragon Armor dragon_armor
Ice Sword ice_sword
Fire Sword fire_sword
Water Sword water_sword
Plant Sword plant_sword
Drain Sword drain_sword
Ice Axe ice_axe
Fire Axe fire_axe
Water Axe water_axe
Plant Axe plant_axe
Drain Axe drain_axe
Spirit Goggles goggles
Furnace furnace
Campfire campfire
Bandage bandage
Tent tent
Dragon Sword dragonsword
Silk silk
Lantern lantern
Headlamp headlamp
Plant Eye plant_eye
Plant Bag plant_bag
Jetpack jetpack
Shadow Cape shadow_cape
Golem golem
Gold Golem gold_golem
Earth Armor earth_armor
Earth Helm earth_helm
Earth Hammer earth_hammer
Diode Wolf diode_wolf
Mecha Wyrm steel_wyrm
Cyborg Body cyborg_body
Cyborg Back cyborg_back
Cyborg Eye cyborg_eye
Machine Gun Arm machine_gun_arm
Electric Eel electric_eel
Horn horn
Ice Shield frost_shield
Ice Heart ice_heart
Owl owl
Dismantle dismantle
Hut Blueprint hut_blueprint
Storehouse Blueprint storehouse_blueprint
Kitchen Blueprint kitchen_blueprint
Kitchen Upgrade kitchen_upgrade
Smelter Blueprint smelter_blueprint
Workshop Blueprint workshop_blueprint
Barn Blueprint farm_blueprint
Pen Blueprint pen_blueprint
Laboratory Blueprint lab_blueprint
Wyrm Pen Blueprint wyrm_pen_blueprint
Dock Blueprint dock_blueprint
Warehouse Blueprint warehouse_blueprint
Wheat Seeds wheat_seed
Apple Seeds orchard_seed
Sugar Seeds sugar_seed
Cotton Seeds cotton_seed
Pumpkin Seeds pumpkin_seed
Tree Seed tree_seed
Conifer Seed conifer_seed
Bush Seed bush_seed
Red Bush Seed red_bush_seed
Ice Bush Seed ice_bush_seed
Helium Sac helium_sac
Steel Axe steel_axe
Spider spider
Pearl pearl
Fin fin
Hi-Tech Parts ship_parts
Power Core Parts power_core_parts
Power Core power_core
Torpedo torpedo
Ice Torpedo ice_torpedo
Heat Torpedo fire_torpedo
Water Torpedo water_torpedo
Torpedo Launcher torpedo_launcher
Factory Blueprint workshop_upgrade
Factory Upgrade factory_upgrade
Airport Blueprint airport_blueprint
Elevator Blueprint elevator_blueprint
SUV Mounted Gun jeep_gun
Jet Mounted Gun jet_gun
Missile missile
Ice Missile ice_missile
Fire Missile fire_missile
Water Missile water_missile
Nuclear Missile nuke
Missile Launcher missile_launcher
Com Device com_device
Rocket Launcher rocket_launcher
Generator generator
Ink ink
Jet Engine Upgrade jet_engine
Battery Unit battery_unit
Solar Generator solar_generator
Nuclear Generator nuclear_generator
House Blueprint hut_upgrade
House Kitchen Blueprint house_kitchen
Rice rice
Cooking Oil cooking_oil
Fried Rice fried_rice
Bacon bacon
Fried Chicken fried_chicken
Fried Eel fried_eel
Ice Cream ice_cream
Sushi sushi
Rice Seeds rice_seed
Cable cable
Clock clock
Pump Pack water_pump
Powerline Blueprint powerline_blueprint
Power Plant Blueprint power_plant_blueprint
Nuclear Plant Blueprint nuclear_plant_blueprint
Surgery Lab Blueprint operation_table_blueprint
Sub Pen Blueprint sub_pen_blueprint
Patrol Boat Gun patrol_boat_gun
Patrol Boat Launcher patrol_boat_launcher
Advanced Lab Blueprint advanced_lab_blueprint
Teleportal Blueprint teleportal_blueprint
Laser Drill laser_drill
Energy Shield energy_shield
Anti-grav Pack antigrav_pack
Space Armor space_armor
Space Helm space_helm
Laser Gun laser_gun
Worker Bot worker_bot
War Bot war_bot
Earth Trap earth_trap
Fire Trap fire_trap
Water Trap water_trap
Ice Trap ice_trap
Plant Trap plant_trap
Enchanted Net enchanted_net
Cockatrice fire_bird
Crawler crawler
Icer icer
Shark shark
Fire Boar fire_boar
Yeti yeti
Panther shadow_cat
Elder Dragon ancient_dragon
Forge Seed forge_seed
Synthesizer Seed synthesizer_seed
Time Manipulator Seed time_manipulator_seed
Vine Copse Seed growth_seed
Evolution Seed evolution_seed
Coral Pen Seed coral_pen_seed
Magic House Seed house_seed
Water Helm water_helm
Coral Bow coral_bow
Coral Sword coral_sword
Helium Pack helium_pack
Evolution Shard evo_shard
Evolution Gem evo_gem
Blue Claw blue_claw
Clam Gun clam_gun
Fish Scale fish_scale
Book of Flame fire_book
Book of Splash water_book
Book of Vines plant_book
Book of Stone earth_book
Book of Frost ice_book
Book of Return teleport_book
Book of Absorption water_barrier_book
Book of Recovery plant_feed_book
Book of Summoning summon_golem_book
Book of Time time_book
Book of Light light_book
Book of Healing heal_book
Book of Shielding shield_book
Book of Meteor meteor_book
Book of Flood flood_book
Book of Growth growth_book
Book of Spikes spikes_book
Book of Tornado tornado_book
Scale Fish scale_fish
Snaptopus snaptopus
Minotaur minotaur
Queen Drill queen_drill
Revitalizing Potion revitalize_potion
Magic Wand wand
Flying Broom flying_broom
Robes robes
Witch Hat witch_hat
Black Cat black_cat
Pumpkin Helm pumpkin_helm
Scale Mail scale_mail
Steel Ladder ladder
Steel Walkway walkway
Grassy Walkway grass_walkway
Bunker Blueprint bunker_blueprint
Bunker Kitchen Blueprint bunker_kitchen_blueprint
Bunker Depot Blueprint bunker_depot_blueprint
Hydroponics Blueprint hydroponics_blueprint
Bunker Factory Blueprint bunker_factory_blueprint
Drone Factory Blueprint earth_lab_blueprint
Vending Machine Blueprint vending_machine_blueprint
Small Module Blueprint small_module_blueprint
Large Module Blueprint large_module_blueprint
Connector Module Blueprint connector_module_blueprint
Ship Dock Blueprint station_dock_blueprint
X-Large Module Blueprint xlarge_module_blueprint
Exotic Matter exotic_matter
Magnegem magnegem
Chromium chromium
O2 Canister o2_canister
Plasma Cannon fighter.cannon
Plasma Gun fighter.gun
Antimatter Launcher fighter.launcher
Antimatter Missile antimatter_missile
O2 Generator Blueprint o2_generator_blueprint
Jumpship jumpship
Heavy Fire dragon_ship.cannon
Rapid Fire dragon_ship.gun
Burst Fire dragon_ship.burst
Mini Synthesizer mini_synthesizer
Dragon Ship Heart dragon_backpack
Steel Fence steel_fence
AI Core ai_core
Keycard keycard
Professor's Keycard keycard1
Disabled Keycard disabled_keycard
Automated Suit spacefarer
Drone Ship drone.ship
Drone Drill drone.drill
Drone Sub drone.sub
Drone Scout drone.scout
Drone Controller drone_control
Polymer Paper blueprint_paper
Blueprint Printer Blueprint blueprint_printer_blueprint
Polymer Assembler Blueprint paper_maker_blueprint
Particle Accelerator B.P. particle_accelerator_blueprint
Interstellar Teleportal B.P. interstellar_teleportal_blueprint
Brilliant Potion brilliant_potion
HQ Library Seed hq_library_seed
HQ Dragon Chamber Seed hq_factory_seed
HQ Talon Copse Seed hq_growth_seed
Cyborg Plate cyborg_plate
Cyborg Visor cyborg_visor
Cyborg Railgun cyborg_railgun
Cyborg Chainsaw cyborg_chainsaw
Cyborg Power Core cyborg_core
Exotic Armor exo_armor
Stealth Helm stealth_helm
Exotic Drill exo_drill
Exotic Gun exo_gun
Exotic Sword exo_sword
Exotic Pack exo_pack
Alien Locator alien_locator
Exo Fighter exo_fighter
Exo Mech exo_mech
Exo Mech Chainsaw exo_mech.chainsaw
Exo Mech Gun exo_mech.gun
Dragomech dragomech
Terraformer Blueprint terraformer_blueprint
Exo Factory Blueprint exo_factory_blueprint
Alien Heart alien_heart
Carapace carapace
Hoarder Magnum hoarder_gun
Hoarder Shield hoarder_shield
Hoarder Suit hoarder_armor
Hoarder Helm hoarder_hat
Hoarder Backpack hoarder_backpack
Book of Translation translation_book
Amethyst Queen Drill magne_queen_drill
Coral Farm Seed coral_farm_seed
Magic Staff staff
Spirit Tree Seed venatrix_seed
Spirit Storehouse Seed storehouse_seed
Spirit Arrow (no element) spirit_arrow
Spirit Arrow (Fire element)
Spirit Arrow (Water element) spirit_arrow.water
Spirit Arrow (Ice element)
Spirit Arrow (Earth element)
Spirit Arrow (Plant element) spirit_arrow.plant
Spirit Fox Helm spirit_fox_helm
Spirit Fish spirit_fish
Spirit Robes spirit_robes
Spirit Glaive spirit_glaive
Evo Spirit Gem spirit_gem2
Spirit Chest spirit_chest
Spirit Orb spirit_orb
Dragon Seed dragon_seed
Amethyst Golem purple_golem
Amethyst Wyrm magic_wyrm
Magnewyrm magnewyrm
Magnetrap magnetrap
Element Table element_table
Magnestone magnestone
Stygian mars_fish
Spirit Detector spirit_detector
Carapace Armor carapace_armor
Laser Trap ilaser_trap
Interstellar Broom ftl_broom
Mega Earth Axe mega_earth_axe
Mega Earth Helm mega_earth_helm
Mega Earth Armor mega_earth_armor
Evo Magic House Seed house_seed2
Exo Shield Generator exo_shields
Light Emitter exo_mech.light
Golem Key earth_key
Golemech golemech
Megolemech megolemech
Electric Lamp Blueprint sci_light_blueprint
Bunker Farm Blueprint bunker_farm_blueprint
Space House Blueprint house_upgrade
Mineral Market Blueprint mineral_market_blueprint
Weapon Market Blueprint weap_market_blueprint
Cafeteria Blueprint cafeteria_blueprint
Chromium Shovel shovel2
Shooter Arcade Blueprint arcade1_blueprint
Platformer Arcade Blueprint arcade2_blueprint
Drone Factory Upgrade drone_factory_upgrade
Boat boat
Builder bot worker_bot.builder
Miner Bot worker_bot.miner
Farmer Bot worker_bot.farmer
Patrol Bot patrol_bot
Lifepod lifepod
Submarine sub
SUV jeep
Boring Machine bigdrill
Patrol Boat patrol_boat
Meat Tree Seed meat_tree_seed
Acid Raptor acid_raptor
Paws werewolf_paws
Claws werewolf_claws
Dexteous Paws dexterous_paws
Werewolf Body werewolf_body
Healing Werewolf Body werewolf_heal_body
Stealth Werewolf Body werewolf_stealth_body
Werewolf Head werewolf_head
Cunning Werewolf Head werewolf_cunning_head
Ferocious Werewolf Head werewolf_ferocious_head
Dino DNA dino_dna
Claws DNA werewolf_claws_dna
Dexterous Paws DNA dexterous_paws_dna
Healing Body DNA werewolf_heal_body_dna
Stealth Body DNA werewolf_stealth_body_dna
Cunning Head DNA werewolf_cunning_head_dna
Ferocious Head DNA werewolf_ferocious_head_dna
Moissanite moissanite
Bone Shard bone_shard
Crystal Frond crystal_shard
Monolith Seed monolith_seed
Book of Beacons beacon_book
Mega Torpedo torpedo2
Mega Ice Torpedo ice_torpedo2
Mega Heat Torpedo fire_torpedo2
Mega Water Torpedo water_torpedo2
Sonar sonar
Draconian Armor dragon_armor2
Advanced Net advanced_net
Purple Tree Seed purple_tree_seed
Steel Hammer steel_hammer
Jet jet
Wyrm Queen wyrm_queen
Submersible submersible
Death Scythe death_scythe
Laser Sword laser_sword
Laser Whip laser_whip
Seeking Missile seeking_missile
Boomerang boomerang
Fire Boomerang fire_boomerang
Fire Boomerang (backer version) fire_boomerang2
Water Boomerang water_boomerang
Water Boomerang (backer version) water_boomerang2
Ice Boomerang ice_boomerang
Ice Boomerang (backer version) ice_boomerang2
Plant Boomerang plant_boomerang
Plant Boomerang (backer version) plant_boomerang2
Leech leechweap
Leech (backer version) leechweap2
Crystal Tree Seed crystal_tree_seed
Mecha Dragon mecha_dragon
Heavy Cannon mecha_dragon_ship.cannon
Homing Blaster mecha_dragon_ship.gun
Shieldbreaker mecha_dragon_ship.shieldbreaker
Exotic Gas exotic_gas
Mecha Wyrm Helm steel_wyrm_helm
Mecha Dragon Heart mecha_dragon_backpack
Battery-Powered Staff battery_staff
Exotic Sword (base for enchanted Exotic Swords, no element) exo_sword_base
Ice Exotic Sword ice_exo_sword
Fire Exotic Sword fire_exo_sword
Water Exotic Sword water_exo_sword
Drain Exotic Sword drain_exo_sword
Plant Exotic Sword plant_exo_sword
Earth Exotic Sword earth_exo_sword
Chromium Hammer chromium_hammer
Golden Sword golden_sword
Golden Shield golden_shield
Antpanion ant
Tank Gun tank_gun
Spirit Armor spirit_armor
Spirit Bow spirit_bow
Spirit Scythe spirit_scythe
Spirit Cape spirit_cape
Spirit Box spirit_box
Spirit Battery (unused item for spirit capacity) spirit_battery
Hide Slot (vanity) hide_slot
Werewolf DNA base werewolf_dna
Spirit Armor modifier (Fire)
Spirit Armor modifier (Water) spirit_armor.water
Spirit Armor modifier (Ice)
Spirit Armor modifier (Earth)
Spirit Armor modifier (Plant) spirit_armor.plant
Spirit weapon modifier (Fire)
Spirit weapon modifier (Water) spirit_weapon.water
Spirit weapon modifier (Ice)
Spirit weapon modifier (Earth)
Spirit weapon modifier (Plant) spirit_weapon.plant
Spirit Tree Seed modifier (Fire)
Spirit Tree Seed modifier (Water) modifier.water
Spirit Tree Seed modifier (Ice)
Spirit Tree Seed modifier (Earth)
Magic Staff modifier (Fire)
Magic Staff modifier (Water) staff.water
Magic Staff modifier (Ice)
Magic Staff modifier (Earth)
Magic Staff modifier (Plant) staff.plant
Battery Staff modifier (Fire)
Battery Staff modifier (Water) battery_staff.water
Battery Staff modifier (Ice)
Battery Staff modifier (Earth)
Battery Staff modifier (Plant) battery_staff.plant
Pilot modifier to Exo Fighter npc.pilot
Cable Rail cable_rail

Objects[edit | edit source]

NPCs[edit | edit source]

The Alchemist on the Magic Island is different from the one n the starting island. While you can get the same quests from both, only the one on the starting island will collect from wyrm pens, and only the one on the magic island will refill the synthesizer. All of the NPC versions of robots do the normal tasks, but cannot be dismantled. The NPC worker bots are useless. The Colony townsfolk may crash the game if spawned in, as the code making them eat at the cafeteria does not allow for more, and will not work in an area with no cafeteria. The Sea Witch is also two different NPCs. Her water form will not give you quests before she returns to the sea, and her land form will not give you quests after.

Builder builder
Builder (in Bombardment shelter) builder2
Miner miner
Miner (in Bombardment shelter) miner2
Farmer farmer
Farmer (in Bombardment shelter) farmer2
Trader trader
Trader (in Bombardment shelter) trader2
Alchemist alchemist
Alchemist (on the Magic Island) alchemist_magic
Alchemist (in the Mirrows' lab) alchemist_science
Hunter hunter
Hunter (in Bombardment shelter) hunter2
Hunter (in Mobile Lab) hunter_lab
Mechanic mechanic
Fisherman fisherman
Fisherman (in Sunset Haven Hold) fisherman2
Peri (in Sunset Haven Hold) fisherman.cat2
Innkeeper (fake NPC) innkeeper
Lurker lurker
Lurker (in Sunset Haven Hold) lurker2
Lurker (in new colony) lurker3
Male Mirrow mirrow_d.npc
Female Mirrow mirrow_n.npc
Mirrows (fake NPC) mirrows
Sunset Haven Townsfolk base science1.townfolk.base
Sunset Haven townsfolk science1.townfolk
Sunset Haven Townpeople (in Sunset Haven Hold) science1.townfolk2
Worker Bot (base NPC) worker_bot.base
Builder Bot worker_bot.builder
Miner Bot worker_bot.miner
Farmer Bot worker_bot.farmer
Patrol Bot patrol_bot
Ore Merchant in Sunset Haven Hold (empty NPC) bunker.ore_merchant
Scavenger (fake contact NPC) scavenger_hidden
Scavenger scavenger
Professor professor
Pilot pilot
CaptAIn president
Curator curator
Patrol Bot (Colony Ship) npc_patrol_bot
Farmer Bot (Colony Ship) npc_bot.farmer
Worker Bot (Colony Ship) npc_bot.carry
Waiter Bot colony.waiter_bot
Colony Townsfolk colony.townfolk
Colony Townsfolk base colony.townfolk.base
Elder Dragon ancient_dragon_npc
Fish Merchant fish_merchant
Fish Librarian fish_librarian
Fish Villager fish_villager
Sea Witch (On land) sea_witch
Sea Witch's Cat (On land) sea_witch_cat
Sea Witch (In water) sea_witch.swim
Sea Witch's Cat (In Water) sea_witch_cat.swim
Beastmaster beastmaster
Exiled exiled
Spirit spirit_guide
Splicer unnature.splicer
Ranger unnature.ranger
Ranger (during Chimera fight) unnature.ranger2
Dice (NPC form) dice.small
Explorer depths.explorer
The Dishonored One's sister draconian_sister
Builder's Ghost builder.ghost
Male Mirrow's Ghost mirrow_d.ghost
Female Mirrow's Ghost mirrow_n.ghost
Alchemist's Ghost alchemist.ghost
Professor's Ghost professor.ghost
Tom backer.tom
Tindle tindle
Draconian Teacher draconian_teacher

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Vehicle name Vehicle ID
Boat boat
Adult Dragon fly_adult_dragon
Tank tank
Submarine sub
SUV jeep
Jet jet
Boring Machine bigdrill
Patrol Boat patrol_boat
Elder Dragon fly_ancient_dragon
Golemech ride_golemech
Wyrm Queen ride_wyrm_queen
Lifepod lifepod
Drone Ship drone.ship
Drone Drill drone.drill
Drone Sub drone.sub
Drone Scout drone.scout
Jumpship jumpship
Fighter Escort fighter
Dragon Ship dragon_ship
Dragon Ship Base (fake vehicle) dragon_ship.prototype
Dragon Fighter dragon_fighter
Dragon Bomber dragon_bomber
Dragon Cruiser dragon_cruiser
Mobile Lab research
Exo Mech exo_mech
Exo Fighter exo_fighter
Dragomech ride_dragomech
Megolemech ride_megolemech
Platformer Minigame Player minigame.platformer.player
Shooter Minigame Player minigame.shooter.player
Armor Games Minigame Player ag.warrior
Submersible submersible
Colony Ship colony_ship
Mecha Dragon mecha_dragon
Mecha Dragon Ship mecha_dragon_ship

Trees[edit | edit source]

Tree name Tree ID
Normal Tree tree
Conifer Tree conifer
Snowy Conifer Tree conifer_snow
Purple Tree purple_tree
Meat Tree meat_tree
Spirit Tree (fake tree) spirit_tree
Spirit Tree (Fire) spirit_tree_fire
Spirit Tree (Water) spirit_tree_water
Spirit Tree (Ice) spirit_tree_ice
Spirit Tree (Earth) spirit_tree_earth
Spirit Tree (Plant) spirit_tree_plant
Platformer Minigame Purple Tree minigame.platformer.tree
Crystal Tree crystal_tree

Enemies and Bosses[edit | edit source]

Enemy name Enemy ID
Rat rat
Boar boar
Fire Boar fire_boar
Wyrm wyrm
Golem golem
Gold Golem gold_golem
Fire Bird fire_bird
Yeti yeti
Adult Dragon adult_dragon
Shadow Cat shadow_cat
Spider spider
Wall Trap wall_trap
Purple Golem purple_golem
Magic Wyrm magic_wyrm
Wyrm Queen wyrm_queen
Basic Spirit (fake enemy, can't be spawned) generic.spirit
Earth Spirit earth_elemental
Ice Spirit ice_elemental
Water Spirit water_elemental
Fire Spirit fire_elemental
Plant Spirit (Eastern Island) plant_elemental
Crawler (Eastern Island) crawler
Leech leech
Golemech golemech
Icer icer
Skyfish skyfish
Old One alien
Heavy Bandit bandit_heavy
Ranged Bandit bandit_ranged
Combo Bandit bandit_combo
Knife Bandit bandit_knives
Diode Wolf diode_wolf
Cyborg Heavy Gun cyborg_heavy_gun
Stinger stinger
Steel Wyrm steel_wyrm
Lightning Mirrow mirrow_d
Tentacle Mirrow mirrow_n
Minotaur minotaur
Ant ant
Armor Games Wizard ag.wizard
Lightning Mirrow (colosseum) colosseum.mirrow_d
Tentacle Mirrow (colosseum) colosseum.mirrow_n
Old One (colosseum) colosseum.alien
Final Boss - phase 1 (colosseum) colosseum.final_boss
Final Boss - phase2 (colosseum) colosseum.final_boss.stage2
Clam clam
Shark shark
Jellyfish jellyfish
Flapper flapper
Kraken arm kraken.arm
Kraken claw kraken.claw
Kraken claw (reversed) kraken.claw_flip
Kraken kraken
Pirate Ship 1 pirate_ship1
Pirate Ship 2 pirate_ship2
Plant Spirit (Cultivator Island) plant_elemental2
Crawler (Cultivator Island) crawler2
Cultivator plant_boss
Blue Crab blue_crab
The Storm ice_boss
Elder Dragon ancient_dragon
Scale Fish scale_fish
Snaptopus snaptopus
Alien Crew hi_alien
Dragomech Head dragomech.head
Dragomech Head 2 dragomech.head2
Dragomech dragomech
Final Boss arm final_boss.arm
Final Boss claw final_boss.claw
Final Boss claw (reversed) final_boss.claw_flip
Final Boss launcher final_boss.launcher
Final Boss launcher (higher range) final_boss.launcher2
Final Boss (stage 1) final_boss
Fire Bird (Final Boss) fire_bird_end
Snaptopus (Final Boss) snaptopus_end
Crawler (Final Boss) crawler_end
Purple Golem (Final Boss) golem_end
Icer (Final Boss) icer_end
Final Boss (stage 2) final_boss.stage2
Wyrm (on Enemy HQ) wyrm_hq
Nursery Crab arm nursery.crab.arm
Nursery Crab claw nursery.crab.claw
Nursey Crab claw (reversed) nursery.crab.claw_flip
Nursery Crab nursery.crab
Alien Cocoon alien.cocoon
Alien Hatchling alien.hatchling
Wall Trap (underwater) underwater_trap
Dragon Fighter alien.fighter
Dragon Figher (unboardable) alien.fighter.base
Freed Ally Dragon Fighter npc.alien.fighter
Dragon Bomber alien.bomber
Dragon Bomber (unboardable) alien.bomber.base
Freed Ally Dragon Bomber npc.alien.bomber
Dragon Cruiser alien.cruiser
Dragon Cruiser (unboardable) alien.cruiser.base
Freed Ally Dragon Cruiser npc.alien.cruiser
Brutefish brutefish
Camoflora camoflora
Giant Grub giantgrub
Dubex dubex
Dragonfly dragonfly
Jellypod jellypod
Scrab scrab
Waterhorse waterhorse
Octermite octermite
Razor Bug razor_bug
Colony Ally Exo Fighter npc.exo_fighter
Colony Ally Escort Fighter npc.fighter
Magnewyrm magnewyrm
Magnestone magnestone
Hunter Bot hunter_bot
Construct Bot construct_bot
Healing Bot (enemy) medical_bot.rogue2
Drone Ship enemy_drone
Drone Sub enemy_sub
Turret turret
Ghost ghost
Spirit Fish spirit_fish
Spirit Fox spirit_fox
Spirit Imp spirit_imp
Spirit Ox spirit_ox
Venatrix venatrix
Stygian mars_fish
Earth Ghost ghost2
Megolemech megolemech
Platformer Minigame Shelless Alien minigame.platformer.enemy1
Platformer Minigame Alien minigame.platformer.enemy2
Shooter Minigame base enemy minigame.shooter.enemy
Shooter Minigame Fighter minigame.shooter.enemy1
Shooter Minigame Bomber minigame.shooter.enemy2
Shooter Minigame Missile minigame.shooter.enemy3
Shooter Minigame Heal minigame.shooter.pickup
Acid Raptor acid_raptor
Meat Tree Wasp meat_tree_wasp
Drill Beetle drill_beetle
Chimera chimera
Dice dice.large
Lampfish lampfish
Lampfish - lower waters lampfish2
Sea Serpent sea_serpent
Sea Serpent's body sea_serpent.body
Sea Serpent's tail sea_serpent.tail
The Dishonored One draconian_wizard
Ghost (Death's Door) ghost_flying
Water Spirit (Death's Door) water_elemental2
Magnewyrm (Death's Door) magnewyrm2
Death spirit_death
Baby Dragon npc.baby_dragon
Young Dragon npc.young_dragon
Spindle Driller spindle_driller
Octoblaster octoblaster
Wyrm (Hidden World) wyrm_hidden_world

Platformer Minigame Pickups[edit | edit source]

Pickup Name Pickup ID
Platformer Star minigame.platformer.pickup
Platformer Heart minigame.platformer.pickup2

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement name Achievement ID
Shelter hut
Instant Meat boar
Infinite Space storehouse
Sharecropping farm
Apples orchard
Metallurgy smelter
Bon Appetit kitchen
Heavy Lifter backpack
Crafting Time workshop
Wyrmslayer wyrm
Rockslayer golem
Shiny diamond
A Good Trade market
Heavier Lifter bigpack
Get Wyrm capture_wyrm
Milking Pigs pen
Mmm, Cheese pizza
Distant Shores dock
Setting Sail boat
Experiments lab
Infinite Blood wyrm_pen
Hatchling dragon
Power Up powerplant
Industrialize factory
Going Up? elevator
Justice bandits
Shocking diode_wolf
Human Testing mirrows
The Full Story medicom
Charging Up electric_eel
Cyborgification full_cyborg
Taurus labyrinth
Dragon Tamer dragon_flight
Queenslayer wyrm_queen
Synthetic Steak synthesizer
Forging Ahead forge
Techno Mage enchanted_chainsaw
Elementary elemental
Whomp purple_tree
Dragon Master full_dragon
Rewind time_manipulator
Face the Enemy oldone
Building My Way blueprints
Powering Up skills
Statue Smasher golemech
Submersive sub
Off-roading jeep
Jet Setter jet
FTL Signals com_station
Space Ready fighter
The Depths kraken
Remodeling hut_upgrade
Salvager life_pod
Semi-precious clam_pearl
Crossbones pirates
Automation worker_bot
Cultivation growth
Magician spellbook
Evolution evo_gem
The Storm ice_boss
Dragon Ship dragon_ship
Dark Sorcery witch
Space Station space_station
Planet Defender bombardment
Take Control drones
Study Anywhere research
Enemy Detector alien_locator
Dragon Mech? dragomech
Another Colony colony
Big Isn't Better alien_cruiser
Magic of Science exo_set
Super Cyborg cyborg2
New Earth terraformer
Collector museum
Ready to Fly exo_pilot
Microbiology virus
Breaker of Chains free_ship
Another World spirit_portal
Ghost Thumb spirit_tree
Turning Traitor hq_structures
Master Spellcaster master_spellcaster
Ultimate Wyrm Drill magne_queen_drill
Genocide nursery_crab
Final Boss final_boss
Non GMO splicer
Depths of Madness draconian_wizard

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest name Quest ID
Build Hut hut
Build Storehouse (Builder) storehouse
Build Storehouse (Self) storehouse2
Craft Smelter smelter
Craft Workshop workshop
Build Kitchen kitchen
Upgrade Kitchen kitchen2
Build Farm farm
Apple Seeds orchard
Build Market (Trader) market
Build Market (Self) market2
Build Dock (Trader) dock
Build Dock (Self) dock2
Build Pig Pen pen
Build Boat boat
Magic Materials lab
Wyrm Pen wyrm_pen
Hatch Dragons hatch_dragons
Magical Axe thunder_axe
Hunting Boars hunt
Perimeter fence
Wolf Pup wolf
Fix Power Plant powerplant
Build Factory factory
Build Elevator elevator
Confront Mirrows mirrows
Convince Mirrows mirrows2
Finding Peri fisherman_cat
Defeat Bandits bandits
Wyrm Hive wyrm_hive
Spirit Power spirit_gem
Wyrm Research alter_gem
Magical Energy oldone
Laying Rails minecart
Water Cave water_cave
Ship Parts ship_parts
Build Com Station com_station
Repair Escort Ship repair_escort
Defeat Pirates pirates
Study Magic go_east
The Vine Copse cultivator
Evolve Dragon Ship dragon_ship
Coral Pen coral_pen
Revitalize Dragon revitalize_dragon
The Sea Witch witch_potion
Your First Wand wand
Fish Food sushi
To Space! power_core
End the Siege bombardment
Mysterious Ores bunker
Exotic Matter station
Drone Access keycard
Survivors professor
Study the Stars research_lab
Secret Potion brilliant_potion
Research Time! locate_hq
Time to Fly! exo_fighter
Virus Key virus
Exo Factory exo_factory
Launch Virus launch_virus
Cyborg Carapace cyborg2
Their Secrets exiled
Dragon Talk spirit_portal
Spirit Path spirit_hq
A Magical Deal activate_hq_structures
To The Leader magne_queen_drill
Genes Spliced! splicer
Sharpen Claws werewolf_claws
Physical Training werewolf_body
Unfathomable submersible
Ancient Ruins monoliths
Old Wrecks colony_ship
Stuck Merchant tindle.monolith
Dragon Sans Steak hybrid_dragon
Not so Gassy hidden_world
Elemental Science enchanted_exo
Hope for Dragons dragon_sanctuary

Structures[edit | edit source]

All entrances to areas that work will place you back at the original entrance after leaving, unless it no longer exists, in which case you will return to the first one you created. Medical Vat and Full Medical Vat numbers can be replaced with 1, 2, 3, or 4 to create different ones. For most science path structures, you can add ".destroyed" to the end of it to make it the bombed version.

Structure Name Structure ID
Hut hut
House house
Space House space_house
Storehouse storehouse
Storehouse (After House) storehouse2
Storehouse (After Space House) storehouse3
Workshop workshop
Smelter smelter
Kitchen kitchen
Upgraded Kitchen kitchen2
House Kitchen kitchen3
Barn farm
Barn (After House) farm2
Barn (After Space House) farm3
Pen (2x) pen
Pen stall
Pen (After House) stall2
Pen (After Space House) stall3
Starting Island Markets market
Starting Island Food Market food_market
Starting Island Ore Market mineral_market
Starting Island Equipment Market weaps_market
Dockhouse dockhouse
Dockhouse (After House) dockhouse2
Dockhouse (After Space House), same as one above dockhouse3
Lab lab
Wyrm Pen wyrm_pen
Starting Island Dragon Lair dragon_lair
Magic Island Dragon Lair dragon_lair2
Cave Entrance (Leads to nowhere) cave
Dungeon Entrance (Leads to nowhere) doorway
Golemech Cave Entrance golem
Golem Factory golem_factory
Sunset Haven Equipment Market sci1.weaps_market
Sunset Haven Food Market sci1.food_market
Sunset Haven Ore Market sci1.mineral_market
Elevator elevator
Warehouse warehouse
Factory factory
Upgraded Factory car_factory
Power Plant power_plant
Nuclear Plant nuclear_plant
Crashed Ship crashed_ship
Crashed Ship Door (Locked) crashed _ship.door.locked
Crashed Ship Door crashed_ship.door
Crashed Ship Hold Entrance crashed_ship.crack1
Crashed Ship Logroom Entrance crashed_ship.crack2
Medical Vats medivat1
Medical Vats (Full) medivat.full1
Mirrows Log (Blank) medicom
Surgery Lab operation_table
Crashed Ship Overhead Light sci1.light
Crashed Ship Overhead Light (Off)
Crashed Ship Overhead Light (Broken) sci1.light.broken
1 Animal Wyrm Pen diode_wolf_pen
Minotaur Door (Leads nowhere) minodoor
Magic House magic_house
Synthesizer magic_farm
Time Manipulator time_manipulator
Forge magic_forge
Recipe Pillar (Blank) recipe_pillar
Mirrows Ship Bed ship.bed.mirrows
Sub Pen sub_pen
Advanced Lab advanced_lab
Teleportal teleportal
Pirate's Warehouse pirate_warehouse
Pirates's Advanced Lab pirate_advanced_lab
Megolemech Factory Door secret_door
Electric Lamp sci.light
Electric Lamp (After Space House) sci.light3
Bunker bunker
Bunker Kitchen bunker_kitchen
Bunker Depot bunker_depot
Hydroponics hydroponics
Bunker Farm bunker_farm
Bunker Factory bunker_factory
Bunker Markets (Cannot trade) bunker_market
Bunker Ore Merchant bunker_merchant.ore
Bunker Food Merchant
Bunker Equipment Merchant bunker_merchant.weaps
Vending Machine vending_machine
Ship Bed ship.bed
Small Module station.module.small
Large Module station.module.large
Ship Dock station.dock
X-Large Module station.module.xlarge
Drone Factory earth.lab
Blueprint Printer blueprint_printer
Conveyor Belt earth.conveyor
Polymer Assembler paper_maker
Earth Overhead Light earth.light
Earth Bed earth.medibed
Shooter Arcade research.arcade1
Platformer Arcade research.arcade2
Terraformer terraformer
Exo Factory exo_factory
Cafeteria colony.cafeteria
Cafeteria (From Blueprint) colony.cafeteria2
Colony Ship (Without NPCs) colony_ship
Vine Copse growth
Evo Chamber evo_chamber
Sea Witch's Hut sea_witch_hut
Library fish.library
Fish Market
Coral Pen coral_pen
Dragonship Factory drag_factory
Exiled's TV
Talon Copse alien_hq.growth
HQ Library alien_hq.library
Dragon Chamber alien_hq.factory
Spirit Storehouse spirit_storehouse
Spirit Void Connected Chest spirit_chest
Spirit Door (Leads nowhere) spirit_door
Spirit Door in HQ (Leads nowhere) spirit_exit_hq
Megolemech Factory megolemech_factory
Ranger's Couch unnature.ranger.couch

Areas[edit | edit source]

Area name Area ID
Eastern Island magic1
Eastern Island - carving magic1.pyramid
Eastern Island - small Floating Island magic1.floating
Eastern Island - Big Floating Island magic1.floating.big
Wyrm Hive wyrm_hive
Wyrm Hive rock formation
Eastern Island - Old One cave magic1.cave
Wyrm Tunnels wyrm_tunnels
Leech Maze wyrm_tunnels2
Wyrm Hive (Wyrm Tunnel) wyrm_hive2
Purple Golem Cave magic_ore
Ice Cave magic1.ice_cave
Ice Cave puzzle 1 ice_puzzle1
Ice Cave puzzle 2 ice_puzzle2
Ice Cave puzzle 3 ice_puzzle3
Ice Cave puzzle 4 ice_puzzle4
Sunset Haven science1
Sunset Haven mountain science1.mountain
Sunset Haven desert science1.desert
Colony Ship (unmined) science1.crater
Colony Ship (mined) science1.crater.mined
Sunset Haven - Forest and Town area science1.forest
Colony Ship Hold crashed_ship.cave1
Colony Ship Logs crashed_ship.cave2
Mirrows Lab mirrows_lab
Water Cave water_cave
Minotaur Labyrinth labyrinth
Minotaur Island labyrinth_end
Mirrows Lab side room science1.bridge
Starting Island mountain mountain
Adult Dragon towers
Starting Island start
Halloween Cave pumpkin_cave
Gold Golem Cave ore_cave
Yeti Cave ice_cave
Fire Cave fire_cave
Golem Factory golem_factory
Undeveloped Island farming
Ice Island snow_island
Ant Hive ant_hive
Armor Games arena armorgames
Unoiks 428c Orbit start.orbit
Sea Floor sea_floor
Sea Floor Bottom sea_floor_bottom
Minotaur Island Sea Floor sea_floor_full
Colosseum colosseum.arena
Colosseum - Bandits arena colosseum.bandit_combo
Colosseum - Adult Dragon colosseum.adult_dragon
Colosseum - Golemech arena colosseum.golemech
Colosseum - The Storm arena colosseum.ice_boss
Colosseum - The Storm arena (void) colosseum.ice_boss.island
Colosseum - Kraken arena colosseum.kraken
Colosseum - Minotaur arena colosseum.minotaur
Colosseum - Mirrows arena colosseum.mirrows
Colosseum - Old One arena colosseum.alien
Colosseum - Pirates arena colosseum.pirate_ship1
Colosseum - Cultivator arena colosseum.plant_boss
Colosseum - Wyrm Queen arena colosseum.wyrm_queen
Colosseum - Yeti arena colosseum.yeti
Colosseum - Final Boss arena colosseum.final_boss.stage2
Colosseum - Nursery Crab arena colosseum.nursery.crab
Colosseum - Megolemech arena colosseum.megolemech
Colosseum - Alien Bomber arena colosseum.alien.bomber
Colosseum - Dragomech arena colosseum.dragomech
Colosseum - The Dishonored One arena colosseum.draconian_wizard
Colosseum - Chimera arena colosseum.chimera
Alchemist Bombardment Shelter alchemist.portal
Cultivator Island magic2
Fish Village fish_village
Floating Dragonship Island magic2.floating.big
Elder Dragon Island magic2.pyramid
Enemy HQ Orbit alien_hq.orbit
Enemy HQ Heart alien_hq.heart
Enemy HQ alien_hq
Nursery alien_hq.nursery
Dragon Ship interior dragon_ship.interior
The Heights science2
The Heights mountain peak
The Heights mountain science2.mid
The Heights Underwater Maze science2.maze
Divider Island science3
Divider Island - Magic side science3.left
Divider Island - Science side science3.right
Divider Island mountain science3.mountain
Divider Island maze science3.maze
Kraken Cave kraken_cave
Escort Fighter interior fighter.interior
Dragon Fighter interior dragon_fighter.interior
Dragon Bomber interior dragon_bomber.interior
Dragon Cruiser interior dragon_cruiser.interior
Mobile Lab interior research.interior
Colony Ship interior colony_ship.interior
CaptAIn's Colony Orbit colony.orbit
Terraformer Island colony
Terraformed part of Terraformer Island colony.terraform
Colony Mainland colony.mainland
Unoiks 428b Orbit start.dwarf.orbit
Unoiks 428b start.dwarf
Unoiks 428d Orbit start.gas
Mercury Orbit mercury.orbit
Mercury mercury
Venus Orbit venus.orbit
Earth Orbit earth.orbit
Earth City
Earth Subway earth.ruins
Earth Desert earth.desert
Earth Desert mountain earth.mountain
Mars Orbit mars.orbit
Mars mars
Mars Sea mars.sea
Spirit World spirit
Jupiter Orbit jupiter.orbit
Megolemech Factory megolemech_room
Shooter Minigame arena minigame.shooter
Platformer Minigame arena minigame.platformer
Unnature Sanctuary Orbit unnature.orbit
Unnature Sanctuary unnature
Unnature Maze unnature_dungeon
Splicer's Lab splicer_lab
The Depths Orbit depths.orbit
The Depths depths
The Depths maze depths.maze
The Depths island depths.trench.island
The Depths trench depths.trench
The Depths left shallows depths.shallows.left
The Depths right shallows depths.shallows.right
Death's Door death_door
Death's Door - Level 2 death_door.start
Death's Door - Level 3
Death's Door - Level 4 death_door.magic
Death's Door - Level 5
Death's Door - Level 6 death_door.bottom
Mecha Dragon Ship interior mecha_dragon_ship.interior
Hidden World - left sea floor hidden_world.shallows.left
Hidden World - right sea floor hidden_world.shallows.right
Hidden World hidden_world
Spirit Storage Void spirit_box.void

Music and Track[edit | edit source]

Song name (if mentioned in soundtrack) ID Music Track
No Sky Limit title
Intro Scene intro
Dancing With Dragons boss
No Boundries no_boundaries
Primitive Technology - Underground underground
Nightly nightly
Brave Crusader voyage
Industrial Tech science1
Cigam Oodoov Lleps magic1
Desert Biome desert
Ancient Aquatic Energy underwater
Grimoire Architect magic2
Technically technically
Subaqueous Metropolis fish_village
Door to the Spirit World spirit
The Passage Between heights
Wild Encounter encounter
Advent Cosmic Odyssey (A.C.O) orbit
Advent Cosmic Odyssey (A.C.O) orbit_nocombat
Tarragonavion dragon_ship
The Blue Marble earth
Colonial Function colony
Maars Metalchemist mars
Neila Enemui Bar ambar alien_hq
Hive Dive Havoc nursery
Wrath of the Preeminence, Pt. I final_boss1
Wrath of the Preeminence, Pt. II final_boss2
Lament of the Isle game_over

Elements[edit | edit source]

Element name Element ID
Fire fire
Water water
Ice ice
Earth earth
Plant plant
Resists all elements resist

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Recipe name Recipe ID
Golem Factory:
Golem craft_golem
Earth Armor craft_earth_armor
Earth Helm craft_earth_helm
Earth Hammer craft_earth_key
Earth Key craft_earth_hammer
Dragon Food:
Pig (food) feed_pig
Chicken (food) feed_chicken
Cow (food) feed_cow
Steak (food) feed_steak
Coal (food) feed_coal
Ice Bullet make_ice_bullet
Fire Bullet make_fire_bullet
Water Bullet make_water_bullet
Drain Bullet make_drain_bullet
Ice Shell make_ice_shell
Fire Shell make_fire_shell
Water Shell make_water_shell
Drain Shell make_drain_shell
Ice Chainsaw make_ice_chainsaw
Ice Chainsaw (repair) repair_ice_chainsaw
Fire Chainsaw make_fire_chainsaw
Fire Chainsaw (repair) repair_fire_chainsaw
Water Chainsaw make_water_chainsaw
Water Chainsaw (repair) repair_water_chainsaw
Plant Chainsaw make_plant_chainsaw
Plant Chainsaw (repair) repair_plant_chainsaw
Drain Chainsaw make_drain_chainsaw
Drain Chainsaw (repair) repair_drain_chainsaw
Ice Axe make_ice_axe
Ice Axe (repair) repair_ice_axe
Fire Axe make_fire_axe
Fire Axe (repair) repair_fire_axe
Water Axe make_water_axe
Water Axe (repair) repair_water_axe
Plant Axe make_plant_axe
Plant Axe (repair) repair_plant_axe
Drain Axe make_drain_axe
Drain Axe(repair) repair_drain_axe
Fire Boomerang make_fire_boomerang
Water Boomerang make_water_boomerang
Ice Boomerang make_ice_boomerang
Plant Boomerang make_plant_boomerang
Heavy Cannon mecha_dragon_ship.cannon
Homing Blaster mecha_dragon_ship.gun
Fire Exotic Sword make_fire_exo_sword
Water Exotic Sword make_water_exo_sword
Ice Exotic Sword make_ice_exo_sword
Plant Exotic Sword make_plant_exo_sword
Earth Exotic Sword make_earth_exo_sword
Drain Exotic Sword make_drain_exo_sword
Dragon Sword make_dragonsword
Plant Bag make_plant_bag
Ice Shield make_frost_shield
Chest (gold style) make_treasure_chest
Chest (ice style) make_ice_chest
Diamond (with Quartz) forge_diamond
Diamond (with Dragonblood) forge_diamond2
Focus Gem forge_focus_gem
Fire Tusk forge_fire_tusk
Yeti Fur forge_yeti_fur
Net forge_net
Ice Sword make_ice_sword
Ice Sword (repair) repair_ice_sword
Fire Sword make_fire_sword
Fire Sword (repair) repair_fire_sword
Water Sword make_water_sword
Water Sword (repair) repair_water_sword
Plant Sword make_plant_sword
Plant Sword (repair) repair_plant_sword
Drain Sword make_drain_sword
Drain Sword (repair) repair_drain_sword
Ice Arrow make_ice_arrow
Fire Arrow make_fire_arrow
Water Arrow make_water_arrow
Drain Arrow make_drain_arrow
Blood Gem make_blood_gem
Gold Ore transmute_gold
Ice Torpedo make_torpedo
Fire Torpedo make_fire_torpedo
Water Torpedo make_water_torpedo
Mega Ice Torpedo make_torpedo2
Mega Fire Torpedo make_fire_torpedo2
Mega Water Torpedo make_water_torpedo2
Ice Missile make_ice_missile
Fire Missile make_fire_missile
Water Missile make_water_missile
Scale Mail make_scale_mail
Evo Spirit Gem make_spirit_gem2
Spirit Chest make_spirit_chest
Water Helm make_water_helm
Helium Pack make_helium_pack
Queen Drill make_queen_drill
Focus Gem (fuel) focus_gem
Steak create_steak
Bread create_bread
Hamburger create_hamburger
Pie create_pie
Pancakes create_pancakes
Alter Gem create_alter_gem
Spirit Goggles create_spirit_goggles
Uncraft Only:
Uncraft Jack O' Lantern craft_jakolantern
Uncraft Snowman craft_snowman
Uncraft Fire Gem craft_fire_gem
Uncraft Water Gem craft_water_gem
Uncraft Earth Gem craft_earth_gem
Uncraft Ice Gem craft_ice_gem
Uncraft Plant Gem craft_plant_gem
Uncraft Cocoon craft_cocoon
Uncraft Baby Dragon craft_baby_dragon
Uncraft Young Dragon craft_young_dragon
Uncraft Adult Dragon craft_adult_dragon
Uncraft Cockatrice craft_fire_bird
Uncraft Fire Boar craft_fire_boar
Uncraft Panther craft_shadow_cat
Uncraft Minotaur craft_minotaur
Uncraft Mini Synthesizer craft_mini_synthesizer2
Uncraft Evolution Seed uncraft_craft_evolution_seed
Farmer's seeds:
Wheat Seeds make_wheat_seed
Apple Seeds make_apple_seed
Power Plant:
Coal (fuel) pp_fuel_coal
Refined Oil (fuel) pp_fuel_oil
Battery pp_battery
Drill craft_drill
Chainsaw craft_chainsaw
Great Armor craft_titanium_armor
Revolver craft_revolver
Shotgun craft_shotgun
Bullet craft_bullet
Shell craft_shell
Headlamp craft_headlamp
Landmine craft_landmine
Bandage craft_bandage
Silicon craft_silicon
Refined Oil refine_oil
Tent craft_tent
Tank Shell craft_tank_shell
Chest (titanium style) craft_ship_chest
Ladder craft_ladder
Steel Walkway craft_walkway
Grassy Walkway craft_grass_walkway
Steel Fence craft_steel_fence
Cyborg Upgrades:
Machine Gun Arm machine_gun_arm
Cyborg Body cyborg_body
Cyborg Eye cyborg_eye
Cyborg Back cyborg_back
Surgery Lab recipes:
Diode Wolf diode_wolf
Mecha Wyrm steel_wyrm
Kitchen and Smelter fuel:
Wood (fuel) fuel_wood
Coal (fuel) fuel_coal
Iron Bar smelt_iron
Steel Bar smelt_steel
Gold Bar smelt_gold
Coal smelt_coal
Fence craft_fence
Sign craft_sign
Name Plate craft_area_name_sign
Torch craft_torch
Campfire craft_campfire
Workbench craft_workbench
Anvil craft_anvil
Furnance craft_furnace
Chest (normal style) craft_chest
Trap craft_trap
Arrow craft_arrow
Bow craft_bow
Iron Pick craft_iron_pickaxe
Iron Sword craft_iron_sword
Iron Armor craft_iron_armor
Buckler craft_buckler
Boomerang craft_boomerang
Shovel craft_shovel
Workshop and Steel Workbench:
Steel Pick craft_steel_pickaxe
Steel Sword craft_steel_sword
Steel Axe craft_steel_axe
Steel Hammer craft_steel_hammer
Steel Armor craft_steel_armor
Recurve Bow craft_recurve_bow
Kite Shield craft_kite_shield
Coin Purse craft_coin_purse
Steel Workbench craft_steel_workbench
Minecart craft_minecart
Rail craft_rail
Crowbar craft_crowbar
Lantern craft_lantern
Steak cook_steak
Bread cook_bread
Hamburger cook_hamburger
Pie cook_pie
Pancakes cook_pancakes
Upgraded Kitchen:
Cheese make_cheese
Pizza cook_pizza
Omelette cook_omelette
Cheeseburger (using Hamburger ingredients) cook_cheeseburger
Cheeseburger (using Hamburger) cook_cheeseburger2
Cake cook_cake
Candy Apple cook_candy_apple
Sushi cook_sushi
Boat boat
Cloth make_cloth
Net make_net
Fishing Rod make_fishing_rod
Patrol Boat Gun craft_patrol_boat_gun
Patrol Boat patrol_boat
Attack Potion make_attack_potion
Defense Potion make_defense_potion
Health Potion make_health_potion
Stamina Potion make_stamina_potion
Speed Potion make_speed_potion
Endurance Potion make_endurance_potion
Shadow Cape make_shadow_cape
Enchanted Shield make_ice_shield
Enchanted Axe make_thunder_axe
Carapace Armor make_carapace_armor
Revitalizing Potion revitalize_potion
Brilliant Potion brilliant_potion
Advanced Lab:
Worker Bot worker_bot
Builder Bot worker_bot_builder
Mine Bot worker_bot_miner
Farmer Bot worker_bot_farmer
War Bot war_bot
Patrol Bot patrol_bot
Laser Drill craft_laser_drill
Laser Gun craft_laser_gun
Laser Sword craft_laser_sword
Energy Shield craft_energy_shield
Anti-grav Pack craft_antigrav_pack
Space Armor craft_space_armor
Space Helm craft_space_helm
Jet Engine Upgrade craft_jet_engine
O2 Canister craft_o2_canister
Plasma Cannon craft_fighter.cannon
Plasma Gun craft_fighter.gun
Antimatter Launcher craft_fighter.launcher
Antimatter Missile craft_antimatter_missile
Solar Generator craft_solar_generator
Power Core (with Power Core Parts) craft_power_core
Power Core (with Hi-Tech Parts and Exotic Matter) craft_power_core2
Hi-Tech Parts craft_ship_parts2
Jumpship craft_jumpship
House Kitchen:
Fried Rice cook_fried_rice
Bacon cook_bacon
Fried Chicken cook_fried_chicken
Fried Eel cook_fried_eel
Ice Cream cook_ice_cream
Drone Factory:
Automated Suit craft_spacefarer
Laser Trap craft_laser_trap
Drone Ship craft_drone.ship
Drone Drill craft_drone.drill
Drone Sub craft_drone.sub
Drone Scout craft_drone.scout
Cyborg Upgrades 2:
Cyborg Plate cyborg_plate
Cyborg Visor cyborg_visor
Cyborg Core cyborg_core
Cyborg Chainsaw cyborg_chainsaw
Cyborg Railgun cyborg_railgun
Exo Factory:
Exotic Sword exo_sword
Exotic Gun exo_gun
Exotic Drill exo_drill
Exotic Armor exo_armor
Exotic Pack exo_pack
Stealth Helm stealth_helm
Exo Mech exo_mech
Exo Fighter exo_fighter
Exo Mech Chainsaw exo_mech.chainsaw
Exo Mech Gun exo_mech.gun
Exo Shield Generator exo_shields
Light Emitter exo_mech.light
Chromium Shovel craft_shovel2
Chromium Hammer craft_chromium_hammer
Research Lab:
Particle Accelerator B.P research_particles
Interstellar Teleportal B.P research_teleportal
Silicon research_silicon
Titanium research_titanium
Gold Ore research_gold
Refined Oil research_refined_oil
Uranium research_uranium
Chromium research_chromium
Moissanite research_moissanite
Alien Locator research_alien_locator
Exotic Sword recipe research_exo_sword
Exotic Gun recipe research_exo_gun
Exotic Armor recipe research_exo_armor
Exotic Pack recipe research_exo_pack
Stealth Helm recipe research_stealth_helm
Heavy Cannon research_mecha_dragon_ship_cannon
Homing Blaster research_mecha_dragon_ship_gun
Focus Gem research_focus_gem
Alter Gem research_alter_gem
Blood Gem research_blood_gem
Evolution Shard research_evo_shard
Spirit Gem research_spirit_gem
Megolemech Factory:
Megolemech craft_megolemech
Golemech craft_golemech
Mega Earth Armor craft_mega_earth_armor
Mega Earth Helm craft_mega_earth_helm
Mega Earth Axe craft_mega_earth_axe
Talon Copse:
Magnetrap craft_magnetrap
Draconian Armor craft_dragon_armor2
HQ Library Seed craft_hq_library_seed
HQ Dragon Chamber Seed craft_hq_factory_seed
HQ Talon Copse Seed craft_hq_growth_seed
Evo Magic House Seed craft_house_seed2
Dragon Chamber:
Amethyst Queen Drill craft_magne_queen_drill
Dragomech craft_dragomech
Dragon Ship craft_dragon_ship
Mecha Dragon Ship craft_mecha_dragon_ship00
Dragon Fighter craft_dragon_fighter
Dragon Bomber craft_dragon_bomber
Dragon Cruiser craft_dragon_cruiser
Book of Flame craft_fire_book
Book of Splash craft_water_book
Book of Vines craft_plant_book
Book of Stone craft_earth_book
Book of Frost craft_ice_book
Book of Shielding craft_shield_book
Book of Healing craft_heal_book
Book of Light craft_light_book
Book of Absorption craft_water_barrier_book
Book of Recovery craft_plant_feed_book
Book of Summoning craft_summon_golem_book
Book of Time craft_time_book
Book of Return craft_teleport_book
Book of Translation craft_translation_book
HQ Library:
Book of Meteor craft_meteor_book
Book of Flood craft_flood_book
Book of Growth craft_growth_book
Book of Spikes craft_spikes_book
Book of Tornado craft_tornado_book
Staff make_staff
Battery-Powered Staff make_battery_staff
Book of Beacons craft_beacon_book
Sea Witch:
Wand make_wand
Flying Broom make_flying_broom
Interstellar Broom make_ftl_broom
Witch Hat make_witch_hat
Robes make_robes
Pumpkin Helm make_pumpkin_helm
Dragon Ship:
Heavy Fire dragon_ship.cannon
Rapid Fire dragon_ship.gun
Burst Fire dragon_ship.burst
Vine Copse:
Fire Trap craft_fire_trap
Water Trap craft_water_trap
Ice Trap craft_ice_trap
Earth Trap craft_earth_trap
Plant Trap craft_plant_trap
Enchanted Net craft_enchanted_net
Forge Seed craft_forge_seed
Synthesizer Seed craft_synthesizer_seed
Vine Copse Seed craft_growth_seed
Magic House Seed craft_house_seed
Time Manipulator Seed craft_tm_seed
Coral Pen Seed craft_coral_pen_seed
Coral Farm Seed craft_coral_farm_seed
Mini Synthesizer craft_mini_synthesizer
Terraformer Seeds:
Tree Seed craft_tree_seed
Conifer Seed craft_conifer_seed
Purple Tree Seed craft_purple_tree_seed
Bush Seed craft_bush_seed
Red Bush Seed craft_red_seed
Ice Bush Seed craft_ice_seed
Cotton Seeds make_cotton_seed
Sugar Seeds make_sugar_seed
Rice Seeds make_rice_seed
Evolution Chamber:
Evolution Gem (with Evolution Shards) craft_evo_gem
Evolution Gem (with Elemental Gems) craft_evo_gem2
Evolution Seed craft_evolution_seed
Polymer Assembler:
Cloth (fuel) bppaper_cloth
Silk (fuel) bppaper_silk
Silicon (fuel) bppaper_silicon
Hi-Tech Parts (fuel) bppaper_parts
Polymer Paper create_bppaper
Particle Accelerator:
Uranium (fuel) particle_fuel
Exotic Matter create_exotic_matter
Sub Pen:
Sub sub
Torpedo Launcher craft_torpedo_launcher
Torpedo craft_torpedo
Submersible submersible
Mega Torpedo craft_torpedo2
Sonar craft_sonar
Jet jet
Jet Mounted Gun craft_jet_gun
Missile Launcher craft_missile_launcher
Missile craft_missile
Rocket Launcher craft_rocket_launcher
Patrol Boat Launcher craft_patrol_boat_launcher
Upgraded Factory:
SUV jeep
SUV Mounted Gun craft_jeep_gun
Boring Machine bigdrill
Hi-Tech Parts craft_ship_parts
Jetpack craft_jetpack
Generator craft_generator
Battery Unit craft_battery_unit
Cable craft_cable
Pump Pack craft_water_pump
Advanced Net make_advanced_net
Nuclear Factory:
Uranium (fuel) pp_fuel_uranium
Nuclear Generator craft_nuclear_generator
Nuclear Missile craft_nuke
Claws DNA werewolf_claws_dna
Dexterous Paws DNA dexterous_paws_dna
Healing Body DNA werewolf_heal_body_dna
Stealth Body DNA werewolf_stealth_body_dna
Cunning Head DNA werewolf_cunning_head_dna
Ferocious Head DNA werewolf_ferocious_head_dna
Other recipes:
Coin Purse (Sunset Haven markets) sci1_coin_purse
Wyrm (Wyrm Queen vehicle) spawn_wyrm
Escort Fighter (Ship Dock) fighter
Exotic Matter (Interstellar Travel cost) default_jump_cost
Exotic Matter (Terraformer and Holographic Projector fuel) fuel_exotic_matter
Exotic Gas (Terraformer and Holographic Projector fuel) fuel_exotic_gas
Exotic Matter (Interstellar Teleportal fuel) teleportal_fuel
Shieldbreaker (Mecha Dragon Ship) mecha_dragon_ship.shieldbreaker
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