Hunter is a character.

Story[edit | edit source]

As the player approaches the mountain, the Hunter is found shooting a boar with his bow. He approaches the player, revealing himself and asking if the player saw him take down the boar. He then asks the player if they can clear out this area to teach the player to hunt. The player was given two options; accept the offer, or send him away.

If the player accepts the offer, the Hunter tells the player the technique by hitting enemies from behind to get a critical hit. He then gives a Workbench, and explains that he prefers bows so he doesn't have to get close to enemies, and explains that a Buckler will allow blocking enemy attacks. Then he suggests the player craft the bow, and kill the boars, and offers hunting tips.

If the player declines the offer and sends away, the player will state that he seems to be dangerous and tries to intimidate him, and the Hunter will respond angrily and return to his tent. The player cannot sleep in his tent, but can still interact with him to learn hunting techniques, similarly by choosing "Accept Offer" option.

Resting in the hut triggers a conversation with the Hunter asking whether he was a hunter before the crash. He responds that he never killed an animal in his life before the crash. He reveals that he was a scientist who worked in a lab, studying molecules.


If the player rests in the Tent (found on the mountain) once, a scene with the Hunter appears where he explains that he lived "shivering and alone" on the dark mountainside until he saw firelight and laughter of the characters, and he thought it was "companionable". Then the player will ask if he came down to make friends with them, he disagrees and says that he just wanted to expand his "hunting range".

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Hunting Boars Bow, Defeat 5 Boars Pickaxe Backpack

30 Exp

The Hunter will give you a workbench.
Perimeter 6 Fences Build Farm, Hunting Boars 40 Exp The Hunter will place one fence near the farm
Wolf Pup 3 Nets, 3 Traps, 6 Meat Perimeter, Dock Tame Wolf

60 Exp

The tame wolf does 3 damage
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