Story[edit | edit source]

These are a species that have lived underwater on this planet before "they" even existed. This fish will teach you how about Spellbook Normal.PNG Spellbooks, Revit potion.png Revitalizing Potions and the Exiled. He also talks about the origins of Them being their ancestors, and disapproves of the "path they have taken". He also disapproves of the Sea Witch's decision to follow in their path to immortality, but welcomes her back when she returns underwater.

The Sea Witch also talks about how the Fish Librarian "loves helping people!" and "hasn't left the library since before I was born!"

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Revitalize Dragon 1 Snaptopus, 5 Fish Scales, 4 Horns, 9 Dragonblood Started Evolve Dragon Ship and didn't kill the Storm, didn't talk to the Sea Witch yet 1 Revitalizing Potion, Revitalizing Potion recipe added to Lab, 750 Exp
Their Secrets Find the Exiled on Mars The Sea Witch returned to the Fish Village 1000 Exp
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