Trees & Bushes[edit | edit source]

Trees and bushes must be planted on fertile ground. They may appear on snow, but cannot be planted there. Trees need to be planted with 4 tiles space either side, however bushes can be planted next to trees. If 8 Trees, Conifers, Purple Trees and/or Meat Trees are planted on a planet with no oxygen, the planet now has oxygen.

Images Name Items Productions
Tree Wood.png
3-5 Wood
1 Apple or
1 Tree Seed (uncommon) or
1 Eggs (rare)
Conifer Wood.png
4-6 Wood
1 Apple or
1 Conifer Seed (uncommon) or
1 Eggs (rare)
Bush Berries-0.png 1-2 Berries
Red bush.png
Red Bush Red berries.png 1-2 Red Berries
Ice Bush ICE BERRY-icon-sml.png 1-2 Ice Berries
Meat tree.png
Meat Tree Wood.png 3-5 Wood

1 Meat Tree Seed

Purple Tree Wood.png
5-8 Wood
1 Focus Gem

1 Purple Tree Seed (uncommon) or
1 Dragonblood (rare)

Crystal Tree 2-4 Crystal Fronds

Crystal Tree Seed (uncommon)

Spirit Tree (Fire) 4-6 Spirit Arrows (Fire)
Spirit Tree (Water) 4-6 Spirit Arrows (Water)
Spirit Tree (Ice) 4-6 Spirit Arrows (Ice)
Spirit Tree (Earth) 4-6 Spirit Arrows (Water)
Spirit Tree (Plant) 4-6 Spirit Arrows (Plant)
Not Plantable
Snowy Conifer Wood.png
ICE BERRY-icon-sml.png
5-8 Wood
1 Ice Berries
1 Conifer Seed (uncommon)

Crops[edit | edit source]


Crop fields (and apple orchards) can be planted on fertile ground (indicated by grass) or on grassy walkways placed above ground. Later, crops can be grown in hydroponics, which need to be powered, but can be built anywhere.

When a crop is fully grown, it stops producing until harvested manually, or by the Farmer or a farmer bot. Fields (but not hydroponics) can have fertilizer added which increases growth speed by four times until used up. Fields can be harvested only from the Farm, and Hydroponics can be harvested from the Bunker Farm.

Seeds Crop Items Prodctions Time
WheatSeed.PNG Wheat Wheat.png 2-8 Wheat 80s
AppleSeeds.PNG Apple Wood.png
1-4 Wood
1-4 Apples
SugarSeeds.PNG Sugar Sugar.png 1-4 Sugar 80s
CottonSeed.png Cotton Cotton.png 2-8 Cotton 80s
PumpkinSeeds.PNG Pumpkin Pumpkin.png 1-4 Pumpkin 80s
Rice Seeds.PNG Rice Rice.png 1-4 Rice 120s

Animals[edit | edit source]

All familiars can have a fin modifier applied to them in the Vine Copse or the Talon Copse to halve the time required for them to produce. Pigs and Cows are not familiars, so they cannot be modified.

Pen[edit | edit source]

Farm pen with cows

The pen is used for housing animals and can be harvested directly from the pen or from the farm. On the Starting Island, the farmer will automatically harvest from the farm for you. Pens will also be harvested by farmer bots. It costs 8 wood to build from the pen blueprint, and must be placed on the surface.

Images Animal Items Productions Time Notes
Chicken.png Chicken Meat.gif
1 meat
3-6 eggs
Buy from Foodseller
Capture a Cockatrice in a regular Net.
Pig.gif Pig Fertilizer.gif
1 fertilizer
1-2 meat
1-2 milk
Buy from Foodseller
Capture a Boar in a regular Net.
Cow.png Cow Fertilizer.gif
2-3 fertilizer
2-4 meat
4-8 milk
Buy from Foodseller
Capture a Minotaur in a regular Net.
Spider.gif Spider Silk.PNG 1-2 Silk 80s Capture a spider

Wyrm Pen[edit | edit source]

Wyrm Pens

Wyrm Pens (Cages) are used to harvest materials from familiars. The first pen is built by the alchemist to keep Wyrms (hence the name), but later in the game, other familiars can be kept in cages as well. The original pen is auto-harvested by the alchemist, while all others must be harvested manually. or by a farmer bot. The alchemist will build you a second pen on the Eastern Island.  

All cages have a capacity of 2 familiars, except for the pen in the crashed ship where you find the Diode Wolf, which only holds 1. You can build additional Wyrm Pens from a blueprint, which requires 10 Steel Bars to build.

Wyrm Pens will not connect to a regular Farm, but they will connect to a Coral Farm.

You can also add Chickens, Pigs, Cows, and Spiders to the Wyrm Pens.

Images Creature Items Prodctions Time Notes
Wyrm.png Wyrm Dragonblood.png 1 Dragonblood 400s Feed the Wyrm a rat, pig, chicken, cow, steak, or coal in the pen and automatically grows into a Cocoon.
Cocoon.gif Cocoon Dragon.png Baby Dragon 20s Manually transform a full Wyrm, or place in Wyrm Pen
Dragon.png Baby Dragon Dragonblood.png 1 Dragonblood 320s 25% faster than Wyrm
MechaWrym.png Mecha Wyrm URANIUM-icon-sml.png 1 Uranium 800s Produces slowly, obtain via Mirrows Lab
Amethyst Wyrm AlterGem.png 2-5 Alter Gems 120s You need a Magnetrap to capture it.
Magnewyrm.png Magnewyrm Magnegem.gif 1 Magnegem 120s You need a Magnetrap to capture it.
Golem.png Golem Coal.pngIron.png 2-5 Coal
1 Iron Ore
80s You need an Enchanted Net, Earth Trap, or Magnetrap to capture it. Can also be crafted at the Golem Factory or Megolemech Factory
Gold Golem.PNG Gold Golem Gold.png 1 Gold Ore 120s You need an Enchanted Net, Earth Trap or Magnetrap to capture it
Amethist golem.png Amethyst Golem FocusGem.pngBloodGem.png 2-5 Focus Gems

1 Blood Gem



You need an Enchanted Net, Earth Trap or Magnetrap to capture it
DiodeWolf.png Diode Wolf SULFUR-icon-sml-0.png 1-3 Sulfur 200s A captured Diode Wolf can be found in the hidden lab on the Mirrow's crashed ship.

Coral Pen[edit | edit source]


The Coral Pen is used for harvesting materials from magical familiars. The Coral Pen isn't found anywhere in the world and cannot be built from quests, but needs to be planted with a Coral Pen Seed. You get Coral Pen Seeds from the Fish Merchant's shop after completing his quest.

The Coral Pen can be planted underwater.

The Coral Pen will not connect to the regular Farm, but it will connect to a Coral Farm.

You can also add Golems, Gold Golems, Amethyst Golems, Amethyst Wyrms and Magnewyrms to the Coral Pen.

Icon Creature Item Productions Time
Panther.gif Panther ShadowFur.png 1-3 Shadow Fur 40s
Crawler.gif Crawler PlantEye.png 1-2 Plant Eyes 40s
FireBoar.gif Fire Boar FireTusk.gif 2-5 Fire Tusks 40s
Yeti.PNG Yeti IcyFur.png 2-5 Icy Fur 40s
Icer.gif Icer IceHeart.gif 1-2 Ice Hearts 80s
Minotaur.PNG Minotaur Horn.png 1-2 Horns 120s
Scalefish.PNG Scale Fish FishScales.gif 3-6 Fish Scales 120s
Shark-0.png Shark Fin.PNG 1-2 Fins 120s
Snaptopus.PNG Snaptopus Ink.gif 1-2 Ink 120s
Magnestone.png Magnestone Magnegem.gif 1 Magnegem 120s
Acid raptor.png Acid Raptor 1 Dino DNA 80s
Stygian.png Stygian Ink.gifFishScales.gif 1-2 Ink

3-6 Fish Scales



SpiritFish.png Spirit Fish Spirit.gif 1-2 Spirit Orbs 200s
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