Story[edit | edit source]

Before their invasion of Earth, roughly a year before meeting her, the Explorer went to The Depths for an unknown reason. After arriving there, she was possessed by the Dishonored One, hoping he can use her to free himself. He failed, however, but kept possessing the Explorer until the arrival of the player to The Depths.

The Explorer, possessed by the Dishonored One, had the player activate the 5 Monoliths in The Depths, freeing the Dishonored One. After the Dishonored One is freed and defeated, the Explorer wakes up from her trance, not remembering anything from the last year.

The player can now invite the Explorer onto the Mobile Lab, to aid as a researcher and to add Moissanite to the list of researchable items.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Unfathomable 5 Hi-Tech Parts, 8 Moissanite, 8 Diamonds, 1 Power Core None 2000 Exp, a Submersible 4 Power Core Parts can be found in The Depths, and the Explorer can craft them into a Power Core.
Ancient Ruins Activate the 5 Monoliths in The Depths Unfathomable 4000 Exp The Monoliths are:

1) On the land chunk

2) At the bottom, next to the maze entrance

3) At the end of the maze

4) Up and to the right of the second Monoliths

5) The rightmost point of The Depths

Finishing this quest will start the fight with the Dishonored One.

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