Listed are the existing structures in the game and their uses. For information about constructing buildings, see Blueprints and Magic Seeds

Starting island[edit | edit source]

This is a list of all structures that are originally on the starting island

Name Use Notes
Market Can buy or sell items Appears after Trader quest
Dragon Cave Raises Dragons Unlocked if the dragon is killed or if the dragon's quest is completed.
Golem factory Builds golems and earth equipment Deactivates if you choose to create Golemech

Sunset Haven[edit | edit source]

Name Use Notes
Warehouse Combination of Storehouse and dock Can be built on both either coast.
Power plant Most buildings on sunset haven need it, can craft batteries Upgrade can store more power, craft new items and is powered by Uranium instead of Refined Oil or Coal
Inn Recovery and saving, but cost 50 coins. If you leave without staying (or if there is no power), the game still saves Needs working Power Plant, becomes free after Divider quest
Surgery Lab Can craft cyborg equip, mecha wyrm, and diode wolf, and can change your appearance Found in Mirrows' lab or in the water cave once they move there.
Rejuvination Pod Passes the night, refills health and stamina and saves the game. Costs 50 Coins to use. Found in the Water Cave after the Mirrows move there
Market Sells different items than starting island one does Needs working Power Plant, abandoned after bombardment.

Crashed Colony Ship[edit | edit source]

Available after Bombardment begins.

Name Use Notes
Bunker Recovery and saving Needs power to restore health
Bunker Depot Acts as a Storehouse
Bunker Factory Crafts everything in Upgraded Factory Needs power
Bunker Market Sells different wares from start and sunset haven markets

The Heights[edit | edit source]

Name Use Notes
Crashed Life Pods Can read logs, one contains 6 bandages Underwater between the heights and sunset haven, achievement for finding one
Crashed Ship Pieces Turn into escort ship Disappears after building escort

Divider Island[edit | edit source]

Name Use Notes
Warehouse Combination dock and storehouse Defeat pirates to unlock. Contains resources. East side.
Advanced Lab Crafts robots and high tech equipment Defeat pirates to unlock. Uses power. East side
Sea Witch's Hut Recovery and saving, skips to night instead of day On the western part of the island

Eastern Island[edit | edit source]

Name Use Notes
Magic Hut Same as hut, cannot be upgraded Is partially underground
Forge Enchanting equipment Activate using fire gem as part of a quest. For more info, go to Crafting
Synthesizer Synthesizes food and items Activate using water gem as part of a quest
Time Manipulator Uncraft, Reset Skills, Set time (24h format) Activate using ice gem. On floating island, need dragon armor or better to fly to.
Dragon cave Raises dragons Activate by alchemist
Evo Chamber Can craft evo gem, and evo seed Appears after The Old One is defeated.
Colosseum Refight Bosses, purchase items Find underground. Need spirit goggles to see
Death's Door Fight almost any enemy including spirits, infinite resources, fight Death Find in bedrock deep underground, Need spirit goggles to see.

Cultivator Island[edit | edit source]

Name Use Notes
Vine Copse Crafts some items and magic structure seeds, upgrades familiar Kill the Cultivator
Dragon Ship Factory Turns Elder Dragon into Dragon Ship

Activates after killing the Storm.
Need high flight height to get to

Library Crafts spellbooks In Fish Village
Fish Merchant Shop Sells and buys magic supplies In Fish Village
Sea Witch's Underwater Hut Rests, restores stamina and oxygen In Fish Village

Earth City Tunnels[edit | edit source]

Name Use Notes
Drone Factory Crafts drones, nets and everything that the Advanced Lab can Need an activated keycard to access
Polymer assemble Makes polymer paper, uses fuel
Blueprint printer Prints blueprints out of polymer paper
Scavenger's Bunker Rests and restores Health, Stamina, and Power
Drone Control Panel Sets enemy drones to passive mode, does not affect drone ships and subs outside tunnels Gives "Take Control" achievement
Medbot Restores Health and Stamina Far left in subway
Bed Rests and restores Health and Stamina Found in the scientist's lab.

CaptAIn's Colony[edit | edit source]

Name Use Notes
Upgraded Factory (Ship) Same as Upgraded Factory On Colony Ship, different shape
Drone Factory (Ship) Same as Drone Factory On Colony Ship, different shape
Polymer Assembler Makes polymer paper, uses fuel On Colony Ship
Blueprint Printer Prints blueprints out of polymer paper On Colony Ship
Terraformer Changes desert tiles, stone, and bombed tiles into fertile land. On Terraformer Island. Needs Power, Uses Fuel.

Enemy HQ[edit | edit source]

Name Use Notes
HQ Library An expansion of the Library Available after obtaining the Book of Translation and bribing the structures.
Talon Copse An expansion of the Vine Copse
Dragon Chamber An expansion of the Dragonship Factory

The Depths[edit | edit source]

Name Use Notes
Sub Pen Creates underwater vehicles
Deactivated Monolith When activated, acts like a magic interstellar teleportal All 5 must be activated in order to complete the quest "Ancient Ruins". Can be activated for 1 bone shard each.
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