"F-type star 951 light years from Earth.
No confirmed exoplanets."

"Their headquarters. No longer on their homeworld, they have taken to travelling through space on a massive, planet sized dragon ship!"

Orbiting an unknown star, the Enemy HQ, aka Alien HQ, is the current home of "Them", the aliens that attacked Earth. This is not actually a planet, but is instead a giant Dragon Ship.

To reveal the system, the player must have the Alien Locator, which is made at the Mobile Lab. The surface is inaccessible until the Colony questline or the quest Dragon talk from the Exiled is completed.

Orbit[edit | edit source]

The orbital space size is 256x64, and there are many enemy ships. There is 1 Cruiser, 2 Bombers, and 6 fighters.

Surface[edit | edit source]

Structures[edit | edit source]

There are three structures starting out on this planet. You can access them after communicating with Book of Translation, clear the A Magical Deal quest. You can plant the seeds for the HQ Library and the Talon Copse underground, but the Dragon Chamber must be built above ground.

  • The Talon Copse is like the Vine Copse, but can also craft seeds for the 3 alien structures, Magnetraps and modify equipment.
  • The Dragon Chamber is like the Dragon Ship Factory on Unoiks 428c, except it can also craft Fighters, Bombers, Cruisers, Dragomechs and Amethyst Queen Drills, as well as crafting the Dragon Ship for less materials.
  • The HQ Library is like the library, except it can automatically craft the tier 2 spellbooks, and can also craft the tier 3 ones, as well as Staffs.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Besides the enemies in the Nursery, and the Final Boss, there are many hostile Elder Dragons and Dragomechs roaming the skies. The Dragomechs can be very annoying, as their homing blasts can reach you anywhere on the planet. However, having water element spirit armor can help a lot, as it will greatly weaken most of the attacks from both enemies.

Mining[edit | edit source]

Image Block Min Depth Max Depth Mine
Cells 1 0 17 5
Focus Gem 0 11 5
Alter Gem 0 17 5


Blood Gem 11 33 5-7
Cells 2 17 42 7
Spirit Gem 22 34 7
Lava 22 34 7


Evolution Shard 34 56 7-9
Cells 3 42 55 9
Exotic Matter 42 55 9
Magnegem 42 55 9
Blackstone Lava 95 95 999

Locations[edit | edit source]

There are no Dungeons on the planet, however there are two distinct locations.

Nursery[edit | edit source]

The Nursery is where the baby aliens are hatched. It contains one giant Nursery Crab, which is similar to the Kraken, and multiple Alien Cocoons, which spawn Alien Hatchlings. The Alien Cocoons respawn slowly if the Nursery Crab is alive.

The Heart[edit | edit source]

Deep underground, past the deepest stone, there is a hollow area. This area is mostly empty, except for the heart of the Dragon Ship, and the Final Boss. It has two very difficult stages, and is almost impossible to kill without late-game items.

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