There are quite a few villains here. Some enemies have elements, which come with special weaknesses and resistances. For friendly mobs see Familiars.

Name + Icon Where do I find it Drops HP,Def DMG Speed Description
En rat


Surface First Island possibly underground 1 Meat (common)*

10 XP

1,0 0 Doesn't attack. Can be captured with a net. Don't need to weaken it with attacks.
En boar


Surface on first island 1 Meat* or

1 Milk (not often)

40 XP

4.0 2 May attack rats.


Turns into Pig when weakened then captured with a net.

En wyrm


Underground First Island, Magic Island (Dirt Level) 1 Dragonblood

240 XP

8,2 6 Eats dirt blocks. Can be captured when weakened in a net. Can move vertically.
En golem


Underground First Island (Inside Rock Blocks) or in golem cave 1 Diamond or

1 Iron Ore or

1 Gold Ore or

1 Titanium or

180 XP

1,12 4 Needs earth net to capture, will smash you with fists. Earth Type
Fire chicken

Fire Chicken

Layer of fire blocks above 2 big golems (open to cave) 1 Eggs

1 Meat*

48 XP

6,0 5+burn Shoots fireballs,,

Turns into a Chicken when captured with a net. Fire Type.

Turns in cockatrice when captured with fire or enchanted net

Fire boar

Fire Boar

Halloween and Fire Cave

Surface, Magic Island

2 Fire Tusk

1 Meat*

48 XP

16,2 8+burn Only source of Fire tusks. Fire Type. Can be captured with fire or enchanted net
Gold Golem Golem Cave 1 Gold Ore

48 XP

12,3 8 2 Faster than the normal golem with more defense. Earth Type
Diode Wolf

Diode Wolf

Desert, Sunset Haven, 1 Battery

1 Meat*

48 XP

30,3 20 2

Very fast, uses electric (typeless) attacks.

Turns into a Tame Wolf when captured with a net, and stays a Diode Wolf if captured with an enchanted net

Cyborg Heavy Gun

Cyborg Heavy Gun

Desert, Sunset Haven, 3 Bullets

48 XP

30,3 7 High fire rate


Desert, Sunset Haven, Underground (Mining Sand Blocks) 1 Battery or

1 Refined Oil or

1 Titanium or

1 Uranium or


48 XP

10,3 10(sting)


3 Moves very fast, can shoot ranged attacks
Steel Wyrm

Mecha Wyrm

Desert Underground (Stone Level) 1 Uranium

50 XP

20,4 18(bite)


Can shoot ranged attacks
Bandit Combo

Combo Bandit

Sunset Haven 1 Steel Sword 25,2 5+7 Uses a knockback double combo, doesn't respawn
Bandit Heavy

Heavy Bandit

Sunset Haven 1 Kite Shield 16,2 7 Blocks any damage from the front with shield, doesn't respawn
Bandit Knives

Knife Bandit

Sunset Haven 1 Diamond 10,2 7 3 Throws knives at player and can do a quick dash melee attack, doesn't respawn
Bandit Ranged

Ranged Bandit

Sunset Haven 2 Gold Bar 16,2 10 1.5 Shoots arrows, doesn't respawn
Slaproot Magic Island, surface 3-5 Wood

1 Focus Gem or

1 Dragonblood (rare)

30,2 15 (range 2) 0.002 Attacks if player is close. Plant Type


Magic island, underground, (Dirt Level) 3 Dragonblood 25,0 7 3? Drains your health (1). Attacks twice.
Magic Wyrm

Magic Wyrm

Magic Island, Underground, (Stone Level) 1 Alter Gem 40,2 20 2 Eats stone. Has a spin attack.
Amethist golem

Amethyst Golem

Magic Island, underground, (Stone Level) 1 Focus Gem or

1 Alter Gem or

1 Blood Gem or

1 Spirit Gem (rare and only drop)

12,3 12 2 Very commonly found due to spiky wyrms tunneling. Earth Type


Starting Island (Night)

1 Silk

8,0 3 2 Paralyzes you with every attack. Can be captured with a net
Shadow Cat

Shadow Cat

Starting Island (Night) 1 Shadow Fur

1 Meat*

16,0 5x2 2

Fast and can turn invisible. Can be detected with Spirit Goggles.

A Cat is gained upon capturing. A Panther is gained upon catching with an enchanted net



Magic Island, Surface (Night) 1 Plant Eye 40,2 7 (range 2) 1 Plant Type, provides some light around itself. Can be caught with a plant or enchanted net


Minotaur Cave 3 Meat*

2 Horn

50,2 15 2

Charges single sideways path, has knockback

A Cow is gained upon capturing. Can be captured with an enchanted net for a minotaur



Ice Cave 1 Ice Heart 30,2 12 3 Freezes player.

Ice Type. Can be captured with an ice or enchanted net



Between Starting and Magic Island and Submarine Maze

1 Helium Sac

40,0 15(black shot)


0 Shoots black shots.

Explodes when run into. Water Type



Underwater floor

1 Pearl

10,5 40 0 Water Type
Crab Underwater floor Blue Claw 15,5 16 ??? Water type
Snaptopus Underware Ink 60,2 20 ??? Water type. Can be captured with a water net
Screenshot 2018-12-03 at 09.42.30



1 Fin

30,3 40 2 Water Type. Can be captured with a water net
Jellyfish Underwater Nothing 15,0 10 ??? Will not attack vehicles, water type
Turtle Fish Underwater Nothing 15,0 10 ??? Water type
Scale fish Underwater 3 Fish Scales 60,2 30 ??? Water type. Can be captured with a water net
Pirate Ship 1 To the right of Pirate Island Nothing 80,4 40 ??? Ranged Attack, attacks faster then Pirate Ship 2, doesn't respawn
Pirate Ship 2 To the right of Pirate Island Nothing 60,4 40 ??? Ranged Attack, moves faster then Pirate Ship 1, doesn't respawn
Alien Fighter Unoiks 428c orbit during bombardment, Unoiks 428b orbit, Earth orbit 3 evo shards or 1 exotic matter 600,7 30(basic attack)

200(homing attack)

??? Has a homing attack and a normal attack. Has much higher defense when shielding

*Steak is obtained instead of Meat when the enemy is killed with fire.

Notes Edit

  • An enemy's defense and current health can be viewed in-game if a Cyborg Eye, Space Helm or Automated suit is equipped.