Element Table

This is a guide to the elements and their strengths and weaknesses.

All elements are resistant to themselves.

All items that can be more then one element (spirit items, modified items, etc) don't get the element's weapons side effects.

Items in the "Other ____ Element items" category don't have elemental properties, but are simply labeled as their respective elements for one reason or another.

UIFire Fire Element Edit

Fire element is strong against both ice and plant elements, and is weak against earth and water elements. Mining a lava block does fire type damage. If you cut down a tree using fire, it will not drop wood.

Fire Element Enemies Edit

Note: Although the diode wolf and wall trap have a burn, their attacks are typeless.

  • Cockatrice
  • Fire Boar
  • Lava Blocks(deal fire damage when mined)
  • Adult Dragon (boss)
  • Elder Dragon
  • Dragomech
  • Fire Spirit Tree (takes elemental damage)
  • Fire Spirit
  • Spirit Fox

Fire Element Equipment Edit

All Fire element weapons cause burn. The only exceptions are Heat Torpedo and Heat Mega Torpedo, as they're used underwater, and Spirit Fox Helm.

  • Fire Sword
  • Fire Axe
  • Dragon Sword
  • Dragonflame
  • Baby Cannon
  • Dragon Armor
  • Fire Chainsaw
  • Fire Arrow
  • Fire Shell
  • Fire Bullet
  • Heat Torpedo
  • Mega Heat Torpedo
  • Fire Missile
  • Book of Flame
  • Book of Meteor
  • Spirit Fox Helm
  • Fire-Element Spirit Scythe
  • Fire-Element Spirit Bow
  • Fire-Element Spirit Glaive
  • Fire-Element Spirit Arrow
  • Fire-Element Spirit Armor
  • Fire-Element Spirit Robes

Fire Element Familiars & Vehicles Edit

  • Baby Dragon
  • Young Dragon
  • Adult Dragon
  • Elder Dragon
  • Cockatrice
  • Fire Boar
  • Dragomech

Other Fire Element Items Edit

  • Fire Gem
  • Fire Tusk
  • Fire Trap
  • Landmine
  • Book of Light
  • Fire Spirit Tree Seed

UIEarth Earth Element Edit

Earth element is strong against both fire and ice elements, and is weak against both plant and water elements

Earth Element Enemies Edit

  • Golem
  • Gold Golem
  • Purple Golem
  • Golemech (boss)
  • Giant Grub
  • Megolemech (boss)
  • Earth Spirit Tree (takes elemental damage)
  • Earth Spirit
  • Spirit Ox

Earth Element Equipment Edit

Earth elemental weapons always get a critical hit.

  • Earth Armor
  • Earth Hammer
  • Earth Helm
  • Mega Earth Armor
  • Mega Earth Axe
  • Mega Earth Helm
  • Book of Stone
  • Book of Spikes
  • Earth-Element Spirit Scythe
  • Earth-Element Spirit Bow
  • Earth-Element Spirit Glaive
  • Earth-Element Spirit Arrow
  • Earth-Element Spirit Armor
  • Earth-Element Spirit Robes

Earth Element Familiars & Vehicles Edit

  • Golem
  • Gold Golem
  • Amethyst Golem
  • Golemech
  • Megolemech

Other Earth Element Items Edit

  • Earth Gem
  • Earth Trap
  • Book of Summoning
  • Earth Spirit Tree Seed

UIWater Water Element Edit

Water Element is strong against both fire and earth elements, and is weak against both plant and ice elements

Water Element Enemies Edit

  • Skyfish
  • Shark
  • Blue Crab
  • Snaptopus
  • Scale Fish
  • Jellyfish
  • Flapper
  • Clam
  • Kraken (boss)
  • Jellypod
  • Scrab
  • Waterhorse
  • Brutefish
  • Lampfish
  • Sea Serpent
  • Crystal Tree (takes elemental damage)
  • Stygian
  • Water Spirit Tree (takes elemental damage)
  • Water Spirit
  • Spirit Fish

Water Element Equipment Edit

Water element weapons cause high knockback, and all non-ammo weapons can be used underwater.

  • Water Sword
  • Water Axe
  • Blue Claw
  • Water Chainsaw
  • Clam Gun
  • Water Arrow
  • Water Shell
  • Water Torpedo
  • Mega Water Torpedo
  • Water Bullet
  • Water Missile
  • Water Helm
  • Scale Mail
  • Book of Splash
  • Book of Flood
  • Water-Element Spirit Scythe
  • Water-Element Spirit Bow
  • Water-Element Spirit Glaive
  • Water-Element Spirit Arrow
  • Water-Element Spirit Armor
  • Water-Element Spirit Robes

Water Element Familiars Edit

  • Shark
  • Snaptopus
  • Scale Fish
  • Stygian
  • Spirit Fish

Other Water Element Items Edit

  • Water Gem
  • Water Trap
  • Book of Absorption
  • Water Spirit Tree Seed

UIIce Ice Element Edit

Ice element is strong against both water and plant elements, and is weak against both fire and earth elements

Ice Element Enemies Edit

  • Icer
  • Yeti
  • The Storm(boss)
  • Ice Spirit Tree (takes elemental damage)
  • Ice Spirit
  • Spirit Imp

Ice Element Equipment Edit

Ice element weapons & shield freeze enemies

  • Ice Sword
  • Ice Axe
  • Ice Torpedo
  • Mega Ice Torpedo
  • Ice Chainsaw
  • Ice Shield
  • Ice Arrow
  • Ice Shell
  • Ice Bullet
  • Ice Missile
  • Ice Shield
  • Book of Frost
  • Book of Tornado
  • Ice-Element Spirit Scythe
  • Ice-Element Spirit Bow
  • Ice-Element Spirit Armor

Ice Element Familiars Edit

  • Icer
  • Yeti

Other Ice Element Items Edit

  • Ice Gem
  • Ice Heart
  • Icy Fur
  • Ice Trap
  • Book of Time
  • Ice Spirit Tree Seed

UIPlant Plant Element Edit

Plant element is strong against both water and earth elements, and is weak against both fire and ice elements.

Plant Element Enemies Edit

  • Crawler
  • Tree (takes elemental damage)
  • Conifer (takes elemental damage)
  • Snowy Conifer (takes elemental damage)
  • Purple Tree (takes elemental damage and inflicts plant damage)
  • The Cultivator (boss)
  • Camoflora
  • Plant Spirit Tree (takes elemental damage)
  • Plant Spirit
  • Venatrix

Plant Element Equipment Edit

Plant element equipment, when equipped, restores stamina UIStamina in daylight and lights surroundings, except for the Book of Vines and Book of Growth.

  • Plant Sword
  • Plant Axe
  • Plant Chainsaw
  • Plant Bag
  • Book of Vines
  • Book of Growth
  • Plant-Element Spirit Scythe
  • Plant-Element Spirit Bow
  • Plant-Element Spirit Armor

Plant Element Familiars & Vehicles Edit

  • Boat
  • Crawler

Other Plant Element Items Edit

  • Plant Gem
  • Plant Eye
  • Plant Trap
  • Book of Recovery
  • Plant Spirit Tree Seed
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