"The homeworld of humanity."

Earth is the third planet in the Solar System. It has an orbital space of size 256x64. The homeworld of humanity, it was nearly destroyed by "them" during an attack that caught everyone totally unprepared. It is subject to frequent bombardment from fragments of the destroyed moon, which cause high damage. There is occasionally a respawning enemy fighter in orbit, along with a large amount of debris.

List of Islands[edit | edit source]

  1. Earth City
  2. Earth Desert.

Underwater Chests[edit | edit source]

Between the Islands there are chests scattered on the sea floor, their contents are:

Chance Item(s)
20% 1 Exotic Matter
2 Gold Bar
10% 3 Sugar Seed
1 Battery
5 Silicon
3 Titanium
2 Diamond
1 Electric Eel
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