Story[edit | edit source]

The Draconian Teacher was one of the many Teachers, a being of powerful magic which shares its knowledge "for the benefit of all". He was one of the Teachers who fought the Dishonored one after the latter flooded the Depths. After the battle, the Draconian Teacher went into a deep slumber in the Hidden World of Unoiks 428d, and sealed the planet using a Monolith, "in the hopes that I would be awakened by someone who could help restore what was lost".

After the player enters the Hidden world and re-activates the Monolith that sealed the planet, the Draconian Teacher awakened, remarking that the player must've been skilled in magic to break his seal, and asks about Them. The player then tells the Draconian Teacher of the aliens' cruel bombardment of Earth, to which the Draconian Teacher promises to help the player, but only of the player promises to avoid fighting with Them, as he believes "Peace may yet still be an option".

The Draconian Teacher then collaborates with the Professor to create a Holographic Projector, a device that will create illusions of huge armies of both sides, forcing humanity and Them to believe that further conflict will only destroy them both, urging a peace treaty.

After peace is made between humanity and Them, the Draconian Teacher asks the player to establish a Dragon Sanctuary in the HIdden World, to care for the dragons that were freed. If the player agrees, the Draconian Teacher builds the sanctuary.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Hidden Power Activate the Monolith in the Hidden World Interact with the Monolith in the Hidden World without a Bone Shard The Draconian Teacher is released, 1000 Exp The Draconian Teacher will be released upon the Monolith's activation, regardless if the quest was started or not.
Holographic Projector 1 HQ Dragon Chamber Seed, 1 Book of Light, 2 Exotic Gas, 5 AI Cores Exotic Gas, A Magical Deal, the Professor is alive Holographic Projector, 2000 Exp The Holographic Ships quests begin immediatly upon the completion of this quest
Holographic Ships 1 Exo Fighter, 1 Dragon Cruiser Holographic Projector End of the Hybrid Path, 1000 Exp

Notes[edit | edit source]

If the player talks to the Draconian Teacher after seeing both Exotic Gas and a Magic Staff, the Draconian Teacher will teach the player how to make a Battery-Powered Staff.

If the player activated the Monolith that sealed the Draconian Teacher away after defeating the Dishonored One, the Dishonored One's Sister joins the Draconian Teacher in the Hidden World, but doesn't do much more.

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