Story[edit | edit source]

You first meet the Curator after entering the Colony Ship's Museum. She asks you to help complete the museum, in order to preserve humanity's history.

Quests[edit | edit source]

For every ten cases you complete in the Museum, after talking to the Curator initially, she will give you one item from the hoarder set. Each one increases your carry by 200, and does mostly nothing else. The backpack has 1200 carry, the most of any pack in the game. The Museum has 50 cases.

Trading[edit | edit source]

After the Curator gives you an item from the hoarder set, you can talk to her again to buy additional copies of that item for 50k gold each. You cannot sell anything to the Curator.

Item Cost Notes
Hoarder Helm 50k Requires 10 complete museum cases
Hoarder Magnum 50k Requires 20 complete museum cases
Hoarder Suit 50k Requires 30 complete museum cases
Hoarder Backpack 50k Requires 40 complete museum cases
Hoarder Shield 50k Requires 50 complete museum cases
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