Characters are all of the allies that the player meets along the course of the game and can interact with. Most will passively help with actions, such as the builder adding wood and berries to the storehouse. All of them will have quests and are interacted with by talking to them (With the exception of the innkeeper, who does not exist outside of the inn). They are ignored by enemies, and generally are invincible, with a few exceptions.

  • The Builder will die if you don't let him in to your hut at the start of the game.
  • The Alchemist will die if he fights The Old One alone.

(Full game:)

  • The Mirrows will die if they fight The Bomber for you.
  • All characters aboard the Mobile Lab will die if it crashes.
    • The characters that can be invited onboard are: The Professor, The Scavenger, The Mirrows, The Mechanic, The Hunter, The Ranger, The Explorer and the Alchemist.
  • The Innkeeper will die if the Inn is bombed, as he does not exist outside of it.
  • Any character, with the exception of The Exile and Splicer, will die when hit by a bomber's bombs (Although they hide in a cave during the Bombardment, player-controlled bombers can still accidentally kill them after they resurface)
  • The NPC Dice will transform into a boss upon talking to him, and you then fight and kill him.

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