"One of the confirmed Earth-like habitable planets. A colony ship was sent there, but all communication with it was lost."


CaptAIn's Colony is the only planet of the Unoiks 213 system, the fourth system encountered in the game.

List of Islands[edit | edit source]

  1. Terraformer Island
  2. Colony Mainland

Colony Orbit[edit | edit source]

The colony orbit has a width of 256 and a height of 64, and contains the Colony Ship.

With a large area and four connection points, the Colony Ship makes an ideal hub to expand into a space station by attaching modules.


NPCs[edit | edit source]

Additionally there are 3 merchants and the Cafetaria to spend money on. There are also different bots (patrol, farmer and misc bots) and a number of background NPCs.

Note : The prebuilt bots cannot be dismantled.

Harvesting[edit | edit source]

The 3 initial Hydroponics structures are planted with wheat, and are being harvested by farmer bots.

Structures[edit | edit source]

  • Standard versions of a Bunker Depot, 3 Hydroponics, a Blueprint Printer and Polymer Assembler
  • A structure which combines the Advanced Factory and the Airport, and a Drone Factory (which can be upgraded to an Exo Factory by a quest).
  • Crew Quarters, for resting and saving.
  • The Food, Mineral and Weapons shops sell high value items.
  • The Cafeteria sells meals that provide temporary stat boosts for 500 coins.
  • The Medical Bot restores Health and Stamina.
  • The Museum rewards you with the unique Hoarder equipment set for providing large quantities of items for display.
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