Story[edit | edit source]

You meet CaptAln after going to the Enemy HQ for the first time of the save file. He along with a human colony end up rescuing you and bringing you to the Colony Planet. CaptAln is considered to be a robotic leader of a colonization mission, supposedly before World War III.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Name Requirements Prerequisites Rewards Notes
Virus Key 5 Alien Hearts, 1 Exo Drill Research Time! 4000 Exp N/A
Exo Factory 5 Chromium. 3 Hi-Tech Parts, 3 AI Cores Research Time! 4000 Exp, unlocks Exo Factory recipes in Colony's Drone Factory N/A
Launch Virus Destroy or disable Enemy Cruiser Virus Key, return to Alien HQ 4000 Exp, allows access to Enemy HQ N/A
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