The Cafeteria is a store located in the Colony Ship. Special orders are served there which temporarily give the player certain buffs. All meals cost 500 Coins. You cannot order a meal while the effects of a different meal are still in place. (In the words of the cafeteria server: "Do not be a glutton.")

List of orders[edit | edit source]

Buffing Orders (5 minute duration)[edit | edit source]

Order name Order effect Order Appearance Order Description
Insane Insomnia Shot +25 Stamina per second
Insane Insomnia Shot.jpg
"You swallow the whole shot in one gulp. It tickles your throat but has no flavor. Within moments, you feel energy spreading to every pore, like you could stay awake for days without getting tired."
Ichorprotein Shake +5 Health per second
Ichorprotein Shake.jpg
'You can't help but think the red, viscous shake looks like blood. But, you plug your nose and down the whole thing, and you actually feel better - like you drank pure, concentrated health."
Radioactive Chili Chowder +50 Power per second
Radioactive Chili Chowder.jpg
"Spicy doesn't begin to describe this chowder! It feels like a nuclear meltdown in your mouth... and perhaps it is, as your batteries are now recharging from the fumes of your breath!"
Strongarm Sliders +3 Attack
Strongarm Sliders.jpg
"As each mini burger goes down, you feel stronger, like you could force anyone into submission. You feel a rush of power as you violently seize each bite-sized morsel and chow down on it before it has time to protest."
Iron Filing Fillet +3 Defense
Iron Filing Fillet.jpg
"The slab of meat is tough, like you're chewing solid iron, yet tasty. The difficulty of chewing it seems to be strengthening your whole body. You just hope it doesn't really have iron in it..."
Digger's Draught +3 Mine
Digger's Draught.jpg
"The drink placed in front of you is so frothy that you can't see the liquid underneath. Believe in the barista that believes in yourself... bottoms up. As you stare down at the dregs of the glass, you feel satisfied knowing you can reach any depth."
Sugar Rush Soufflé +3 Speed
Sugar Rush Soufflé.jpg
"The dessert looks absolutely scrumptious. You dig in with your spoon, and despite the overwhelming sweetness, it's not sickly. As the sugar rushes through your blood, you feel like you need to move. Fast. Faster than you ever have before!"
Farsight Fritters +1 Sight, +10 Evasion
Farsight Fritters.jpg
"The fritters are crispy, golden brown and delicious. Yet you can't help wondering what kind of filling is inside. As you stare at the unidentifiable innards, you feel like you can see farther than ever before. The filling remains a mystery, however."
Pig Out Pork Chops -1 Speed, +100 Carry
Pigout Porkchops.jpg
"The plate is piled high - at first you think there's no way you could eat them all. Yet, one by one you keep plowing through them until they are all gone and you feel like you've expanded to twice your size."
Filling Plankton Paste +10 Endurance
Filling Plankton Paste.jpg
"The green paste goes down smoothly and tastes better than you expected. It is also incredibly filling. You just hope it's really made from plankton."
Compromised Cheesesteak +5 Bargaining
Compromised Cheesesteak.jpg
"The cheesesteak appears too large and messy to hold in your hands, but you are able to negotiate a satisfactory eating experience. The amount of meat and cheesy goodness strikes you as an excellent deal, and they certainly didn't compromise on flavor."
Phosphorescent Potato Salad Makes you light up
Phosphorescent Potato Salad.jpg
"The strong lights of the cafeteria cannot hide that the potato salad is glowing. With trepidation, you take a bite, but it tastes fine. Nothing seems to be wrong with it - except for the fact that you're now glowing too."
Breathless Buffalo Wings +100 Oxygen Capacity
Breathless Buffalo Wings.jpg
"The wings are not breathtakingly good - in fact, they appear to have done the opposite and given you extra breath. It's a curious sensation, and after finishing your meal, you decide that it's not an unpleasant one."
No Frills Fettuccine Resets Skills
No Frills Fettuccine.jpg
"The noodles are plain and nothing special. Yet somehow, they give a sense of endless possibilities. Skill points are reset, you can reassign them in the equipment window."

Debuffing Orders(1 minute duration)[edit | edit source]

Order name Order effect Order Appearance Order Description
Knock Out Nuggets -10 Endurance
Knock Out Nuggets.jpg
"The greasy nuggets are out of this world delicious. You're certain it's as unhealthy as poison, but you can't stop popping them into your mouth. As you wipe your oily fingers on your clothing, you begin to feel faint. They were just that good."
Revoltingly Toxic Tonic -5 Health per second
Revoltingly Toxic Tonic.jpg
"You're not sure why you ordered something described as "revoltingly toxic," but this putrid drink certainly lived up to its name. You feel a wave of nausea come over you, and silently vow to never drink it again."
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