All of these bosses, plus a few others, can be found in the Spirit Pyramid (1st Magic Island, 2nd layer). The being inside will offer insight into how to defeat them.

Adult DragonEdit

  • Location: Starting Island, Dragon Cave on the eastern side
    Adult Dragon
  • HP: 30
  • ATK: 5
  • DEF: 3
  • EXP: 4 per damage, 120 overall
  • Drops: 1× Fire Gem, 5× Dragonblood
  • Attacks: Fire Breath - Continuous, high ranged attack that targets the player and can break blocks.
  • Element: Fire

This is an optional boss for the Dragon questline. The Adult Dragon can be "respawned" by raising Dragons. Will not attack player unless attacked first. The Dragon will fly around and chase the player. It will return to its nest if the player flees. The Dragon has the fire element and takes more damage from water and earth element weapons

Golemech Edit

  • Location: Starting Island. Golem factory on the east side, deep underground. Access requires Earth Gem.
  • HP: 60
  • ATK: 19
  • DEF: 5
  • EXP: 6 per damage, 360 overall
  • Drops: 1× Earth Gem, 3× Blood Gem
  • Attacks:
    • Golem Spawn
    • Fist Smash (Earth)
    • Eye Laser (Fire)
  • Element: Earth
  • Weakness water or plant weapons

After the initial boss fight, it can be respawned with an Earth Gem at the Golem Factory.

Wyrm QueenEdit

  • Location: Magic Island, Underground portal on the east side.
  • HP: 12
  • ATK: 0
    Wyrm Queen
  • DEF: 9, 2 while spawning wyrms
  • EXP: 10 per damage, 120 overall
  • Drops: 2× Spirit Gem, 2× Dragonblood
  • Attacks: None. Spawns Wyrms, which is her main "attack".
  • Element: None

Lanterns or any item that illuminates areas are recommended. The Wyrm Queen is nigh invulnerable(Fire is semi-effective). She does not attack directly. She spawns Wyrms when Wyrms are killed, which can attack the player. However, Wyrms would not be alerted to the player's presence when a Shadow Cape is equipped until attacked. The only weakness is when the Queen opens her mouth to spawn Wyrms. The Queen will respawn when Wyrms the player either leaves the arena or stays in the arena long enough. She will not respawn in the original den, however.


This is a dual boss fight. Like the dragon questline, this can be an optional boss fight.

Lightning Mirrow
Mirrow D Lightning

  • Location: Science Island. Desert Spaceship
  • HP: 30
  • ATK: 20
  • DEF: 4
  • EXP: 5 per damage, 150 overall
  • Drops: None
  • Attacks: Lightning ball, Lightning Hand
  • Element: None

Tentacle Mirrow
Mirrow N Tentacles

  • Location: Science Island. Desert Spaceship
  • HP: 30
  • ATK: 15
  • DEF: 4
  • EXP: 5 per damage, 150 overall
  • Drops: None
  • Attacks: Charge
  • Element: None

The Old One Edit

  • Location: Magic Island, underground Bedrock chamber
  • HP: 45
  • ATK: ???
  • DEF: 25, 3 when overcharging
  • EXP: ???
  • Drops: None
  • Attacks:
    • Magic Homing Balls
    • Dash
    • Laser Beams
  • Element: None
  • weakness use fire when its armour opens ,better bring a pet.

You can have The Alchemist fight this boss for you, however if you have The Alchemist fight for you, he will die.

Kraken Edit

  • Location: Underwater Between Sunset Haven and Escort Ship Island; In Cave on Pirate Island; Under the Elder Dragon mini-Island
  • ATK: ???
  • DEF: 5
  • EXP: ???
  • Drops: Water Gem, Ink x3
  • Attacks: Tentacles
  • Element: Water

You need to destroy the tentacles to access the head, shooting at the head will decrease its HP. Ice Torpedoes are extra effective against the Kraken. Using the Book of Vines coupled with two-three Ice Creams is an efficient late game strategy.

The Cultivator Edit

  • Location: Cultivator Island
  • Atk: Spores 15, Gas-Cloud 20
  • Def: 6
  • Exp: ???
  • Drops: 1x plant gem, 1x plant eye
  • Attacks: Spores, Gas cloud
  • Element: Plant

Weak against Fire. Optimum attack pathway is through the air where the Cultivator is limited to its Spores attack. Due to it's extremely high defense the only fire attack strong enough is the dragon sword

The Storm Edit

  • Location: Cultivator island, on the the evolution floating island. You will need a spaceship, a jet with the upgraded engine, or an elder dragon to go there.
  • ATK: 40
  • Def: 6, Immune to non-fire element weapons, invulnerable while in tornado form
  • Exp: ???
  • Drops: 1x ice gem, 3x ice hearts
  • Attacks:
    • A storm cloud which rains ice, does heavy damage
    • A giant tornado which shoots icicles at the player
  • Element: Ice

A dragon sword or other fire enchanted strong weapons are effective, dragon fire and dragon transformed items are not effective. attack the storm by climbing up the walls, where its storm cloud attacks, cannot reach you. When its tornado attack comes, just dig underground. Shields will not provide protection from the icicles. You can have the elder dragon kill it for you once you have completed the sea witch quest and made an evo gem

Alien Bomber Edit

  • Location: in space, above the starting planet.
  • ATK: 100
  • Def: 7, has 115 when shielded
  • Exp: ???
  • Drops: 1x exotic matter
  • Attacks:
    • Lasers
    • Plasma Ring
    • Bomb - if allowed to hit ground, will destroy structures
  • Element: None

Use a dragon ship, With about 200 steak, 12 fire gems and you should be good to go. I recommend heavy fire as your weapon, because it can pierce through the minion ships. The Bomber continues to bomb the starting planet even as you fight it. However, you can go under it, causing your ship to be hit by the bomb instead of the planet being hit. If you are close enough to the bomber, the explosion will also damage it. You can have The Mirrows kill it for you, but they will die.