The Bombardment is a potentially game-changing event in Aground that is set in motion when The Old One sends a signal after fighting her. The player should not leave it at their leisure, as the longer it stays, the more will be destroyed.

Wave 1[edit | edit source]

The bombardment occurs as soon as the player receives the Study Magic quest from talking to the Alchemist after the Old One is defeated, receives the quest to build a Dragon Ship, and subsequently enters either the Starting Island or Sunset Haven. This will trigger a cutscene, and bombs will begin to fall.

An Alien Bomber, along with a few Alien Fighters, show up in orbit around the starting planet, Unoiks 428c, and begin bombing it. It ends after defeating the bomber. The main threat is the bombs that the bomber drops, which kill enemies and damage the player, as well as destroying objects and structures. The NPCs on Starting Island will hide in the Alchemist's cave. All of the NPCs on Sunset Haven will hide in the colony ship's hold. All items in the Storehouse/Warehouse will be moved to underground storage if they are destroyed.

Wave 2[edit | edit source]

The second wave comes after completing the quest To The Leader from the Exile, and entering the orbit of the starting planet. A cutscene will also play, showing the allied Dragonships coming to help you.

The dangers are the same as the first wave, with the addition of two Alien Cruisers. All of the Enemy Dragonships that you have freed, up to a limit, will also appear and help you fight them off. They will not disappear after you win.

Note that if you have not entered Sunset Haven or the Starting Island since triggering the first bombardment, and therefore not fought it yet, both waves will show up at once.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The ships appear in orbit, but will only bomb the Starting Island and Sunset Haven, as they are the only ones with a settlement that the bombs can hit. They will also bomb these islands while you are in orbit, fighting them.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Strategies for defeating the bomber and the cruiser are detailed on the Bosses page, with the best one being the boarding option. This one is the best because it will allow you to get alien hearts for killing the enemy crew, as well as looting the ship's cargo. In addition, this will allow you to take them over. However, any ships freed during the battle will not help you.

Building Steel Walkways high above buildings you want to protect can act as a one-hit shield, buying time to stop the bombers from destroying everything.

As of Version 2.1.0, if playing the Hybrid Path, the Mirrows give the player a quest to build a Bombardement Shield using the combined strength of science and magic. The Bombardement Shield will protect the whole planet from incoming attacks form orbit, although the Sunset Haven background image will still appear as if having been destroyed.

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