Story[edit | edit source]

The Beastmaster is a spirit that carved the Colosseum out of spirit Spirit.gif as its domain, much like the Spirit did for the Spirit World. It studies "creatures like you", and created the Colosseum as a "game room", for people to enter and fight powerful enemies in their simulated areas. It awards you with Spirit PointsSpiritPoints.gif, its own unique currency to allow you to trade with it and unlock new parts of the Colosseum. The Beastmaster also gives you tips on how to defeat each enemy in the Colosseum with the equipment it provides.

Trading[edit | edit source]

Unlike all other shops, except the Spirit, the Beastmaster has an unlimited inventory, and uses spirit pointsSpiritPoints.gif instead of money for its trades. You also cannot sell to the Beastmaster.

Item Cost SpiritPoints.gif Notes
Spirit Gem 100
Fire Gem 200
Water Gem 200
Ice Gem 200
Plant Gem 200
Earth Gem 200
Spirit Armor 500
Spirit Bow 1000
Spirit Scythe 1000
Spirit Cape 1000
Spirit Box 2000 Cannot be bought if player already has one in inventory

Boss tips[edit | edit source]

Minotaur[edit | edit source]

These beasts are fast and have dangerous Horn.png Horns, but move endlessly back and forth and are easy to predict. Try keeping your distance and hitting them from behind.

Yeti[edit | edit source]

Unlike many enemies, you can't hide under Yetis to attack them from behind. Try staying on the move and sneaking in hits while avoiding its icy breath and snowballs

Bandits[edit | edit source]

Like most groups, bandits aren't that dangerous one on one, but don't let them gang up on you! Pick them off one at a time, and pay special attention to the bandit with the heavy shield, he can only be hurt from behind!

Dragon[edit | edit source]

With no ranged weapon, the Dragon's a challenge. Hit [Defend key, Space by default] to block flames with the shield or hide behind tiles until it flies back to its den, then hit it from behind as much as you can, and don't forget Attack potion.pngAttack Potions!

Wyrm Queen[edit | edit source]

This beast won't attack you - but it can only be hurt by striking its open mouth! While its brood of Wyrm.pngWyrms are dangerous, they are a good source of Dragonblood.pngDragonblood if you need to heal.

Golemech[edit | edit source]

Beware the Golemech's eye attack - it takes time to recharge, but it is incredibly powerful. UIPlant.pngPlant and UIWater.png Water attacks are effective against it.

Old One[edit | edit source]

The Old One has powerful attacks and is only vulnerable when it overheats and opens up its armor. Dodge or block its attacks with the shield, then hit it when vulnerable.

Mirrows[edit | edit source]

The ShadowCape.pngShadow Cape will help you avoid being attacked by both Mirrows at once. It will make you invisible every 5 seconds, allowing you to sneakily defeat one of them. You can also use Landmine.PNGLandmines while hidden for extra damage!

Pirates[edit | edit source]

The Pirates have powerful laser weapons, but their range and speed are less than yours. Keep moving and firing, taking as few hits as possible, destroy one at a time, and they aren't that challenging.

Kraken[edit | edit source]

This monster of the deep is very hazardous. Its arms are dangerous, and while they can be blasted off at the base, they regrow quickly. Destroy and get past the arms, then fire at the eyes to defeat it.

Cultivator[edit | edit source]

The Cultivator is weak to UIFire.png Fire attacks. Burn it from the air where only its spores can hurt you. You will have to dodge the spores, as you don't have a lot of health for many hits.

Storm[edit | edit source]

The Storm can only be hurt by powerful UIFire.png Fire attacks. Beware its tornado form, it is invulnerable and dangerous during that time. Climb the ruins to burn it when vulnerable, and run when it's in tornado form.

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