You first meet the Alchemist in his underground chamber. After completing multiple quests for him on the starting island, you fly a dragon to the Eastern Island. You then complete more quests for him (listed below), and eventually end up either fighting the Old One with him or letting him fight alone (if you let him fight alone he will die). After being defeated, the Old One sends a signal which eventually leads to the Bombardment. There is no Bombardment in the demo.

After the bombardment, the NPCs of the Starting Island will go into the Alchemist's cave. He will then give you the Wyrm Pen and Laboratory Blueprints if he is still alive.


Quest Requirements Prerequisites Reward Notes
Magic Materials 1 Dragonblood Build Hut Lab, 60 Exp The lab is used to craft potions
Wyrm Pen 2 Wyrms Magic Materials, Build Dock (if thief is sent away) or Build Market (if thief is not sent away) Wyrm Pen,

250 Exp

The wyrm pen can farm multiple kinds of animals, but is not connected to the barn.
Hatch Dragons 5 Baby dragons Baby Dragon Adult Dragon,

80 Exp

You won't get this quest if you killed the dragon
Magical Axe 1 Rusty Axe, 1 Fire Tusk Rusty Axe Ancient Axe Recipe,

Ancient Axe, 80 Exp

You get the fire tusks by killing the fire boars
Wyrm Hive Find the Wyrm Hive, 1 Spirit Gem Raise an Adult Dragon/ Hatch Dragons Spirit Goggles

250 Exp

You have to take a spirit gem found in a chest in the cave.

The Spirit goggles lets you see hidden magic

Wyrm Research 1 Wyrm, 1 Fire Tusk, and 1 Icy Fur Spirit Power 1 Alter Gem

250 Exp

Allows you to turn dragons or wyrms into equipment with alter gems.
Magical Energy Talk to the Old One and defeat it Wyrm Research, Mine to the second layer of the Eastern Island 500 Exp
Spirit Power Activate the Forge and the Synthesizer Wyrm Hive 250 Exp
Study Magic 1 Evolution Gem, go to the Elder Dragon's island Magical Energy 750 Exp


The Alchemist, if still alive, will auto collect from the wyrm pen on the first island and will periodically add focus gems to the synthesizer (if active).

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