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Aground is a resource-collection and crafting game focused on the theme of Progression. This wiki is currently under construction, so feel free to edit and add pages!




  • Overview - Official description of the game with screenshots.
  • Version History - History of changes during development.
  • Story - The story of the game (contains spoilers).
  • Achievements - A list of the achievements.
  • Tips & Tricks - Information on how to play the game and saving and backup.


  • Workbench Crafting - A list of all of the crafting, smelting, and cooking recipes.
  • Stone pickaxe Mining - A list of mine-able tiles and available ores.
  • Fishing rod Fishing - Fishing instructions and rewards.
  • Fertilizer Farming - Farming crops and animals.
  • Coin purse Trading - Merchants and their wares.



  • Drachenklaue - The alien alphabet.
  • Modding - Information for those who want to mod the game.
  • Mods - A list of mods available for Aground.
  • Commands - A list of useful console commands.
  • Multiplayer - A guide to connect to other players via IP address.

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