The achievements can be accessed by: Quests > Achievements (a button under the quests). There are currently 61 achievements in total.

45 Achievements - v1.3.1a
New Achievements full
Icon Name Description Notes
Ach 01
Shelter Build the Hut
Ach 02
Instant Meat Defeat a Boar
Ach 03
Infinite Space Build the Storehouse
Ach 04
Sharecropping Build the Farm
Ach 05
Apples Add an Orchard to the Farm
Ach 06
Metallurgy Build the Smelter
Ach 07
Bon Appetit Build the Kitchen
Ach 08
Heavy Lifter Get the Backpack
Ach 09
Crafting Time Build the Workshop
Ach 10
Wyrmslayer Defeat a Wyrm
Ach 11
Rockslayer Defeat a Golem
Ach 12
Experiments Build the Laboratory
Ach 13
Shiny Mine a Diamond
Ach 14
A Good Trade Build the Market
Ach 15
Heavier Lifter Buy a Super Pack
Ach 16
Get Wyrm Now what do I do with it? Trap wyrm with a net
Ach 17
Milking Pigs Add a Pen to the Farm
Ach 18
Mmm, Cheese Cook a Pizza
Building My Way
Building My Way Build a structure with a Blueprint
Powering Up
Powering Up Upgrade your character with 500 or more Skill Points
Ach 19
Distant Shores Build the Dock
Ach 20
Setting Sail Build a Boat
Ach 21
Infinite Blood Build the Wyrm Pen
Ach 22
Hatchling Hatch a Dragon from a Cocoon
Power up
Power Up Build the Power Plant
Industrialize Build the Factory
Going up
Going Up? Build the Elevator
Justice Solve the Bandit problem
Shocking Defeat a Diode Wolf
Human Testing Successfully Confront the Mirrows 2 Boss fight (melee + ranged). They hit hard.
The full story
The Full Story Read all the Logs
Charging Up
Charging Up Catch an Electric Eel
Cyborgification Obtain Full Cyborg Gear See The Spacing Ship (crafting)
Taurus Complete The Minotaur Maze Random cave layout each time
Dragon tamer
Dragon Tamer Fly on a Dragon
Queenslayer Defeat the Wyrm Queen
Synthetic steak
Synthetic Steak Activate the Synthesizer
Forging ahead
Forging Ahead Activate the Forge
Techno mage
Techno Mage Enchant a Chainsaw
Elementary Capture a spirit of every element
Whomp Chop down a Purple Tree
Dragon Master
Dragon Master Obtain a full set of dragon equipment
Rewind Activate the Time Manipulator
Face the Enemy
Face the Enemy Defeat the Old One
Statue Smasher
Statue Smasher Defeat the Golemech
Submarine achivement
Submersive Build a Submarine
Jeep Achievement
Off-roading Build a Jeep
Jet Achievement
Jet Setter Build a Jet
Comm Tower Achievement
FTL Signals Build the Com Station
Spaceship Achievement
Space Ready Repair the Fighter Escort ship
The Depths Defeat the Kraken
House Achievement
Remodeling Upgrade your Hut
Salvager Discover a Life Pod
Pearl Achievement
Semi-precious Collect a Pearl
Crossbones Complete the Pirates quest
Automation Build any type of Worker Bot
Cultivation Activate the Vine Copse
Magician Craft your first Spellbook
Evolution Forge an Evolution Gem
The Storm Defeat the Hail Storm
Dragon Ship Evolve a Dragon Ship
Space Station Build your first Space Station
Planet Defender End the Alien Bombardment
Take Control Disable the rogue Drones
Study Anywhere Build the Mobile Research Lab

The Full Story Edit

Note: Spoilers below.

Log Description Location
5/1 The was heavily damaged in the escape, but the jump drive activated successfully. That should keep us ahead of pursuers, assuming the ship survives the journey. Crashed ship, door
12/14 Species viability research has stalled, but combat research looks promising. Cybernetic enhancements are able to turn an average civilian into a war machine. Crashed ship, door
1/31 Applying Cybernetic research to ourselves due to lack of test subjects. Still no sign of the enemy, but perhaps this time we will able to fight them, Crashed ship, door
3/15 We have been left with no choice but to abandon Earth. Our weapons cannot hurt them, and they pursue us with a vengeance. Perhaps, on another planet, we can finally evade their wrath. Crashed ship, lower hull
6/30 Fleshed out new plan for human augmentation and survivability, including number and type of specimens necessary to achieve our goals. Mr. H has left the research group. Crashed ship, lower hull
8/5 Reached target planet but cannot enter atmosphere safely and there are not enough life pods. Probability of survival low, even for augmented subjects. No sign of the enemy. Crashed ship, lower hull
9/2 Hull reinforcement progressing, but survival required augmentation. Dissidents are protesting the procedure, even though their lives depend on it. Crashed ship, lower hull
9/26 Can no longer maintain orbit. Many have accepted augmentation, and some who wouldn't were launched in the life pods. Hopefully the reinforcement will be enough for the rest. Crashed ship, lower hull
10/4 Emergency reinforcement was largely successful, but estimated number of survivors is far lower than hoped, even considering life pods we cannot account for. Crashed ship, lower hull
10/5 Species viability is now a major concern. With only a few hundred individuals, we cannot survive without drastic intervention. Beginning new line of research. Crashed ship, lower hull
11/20 Established basic infrastructure east of crash site. Gathering new specimens for experimentation. Crashed ship, lower hull
12/24 C disapproves of combat research. Instead of preparing for their return and enhance species viability, C wants to return to the stars and search for other survivors. Crashed ship, lower hull
1/6 C left the lab and made it clear we were no longer welcome in town. Moving base of operations into old in the remains of sector 22. Crashed ship, lower hull
2/9 Coerced townsfolk to help fund research. Also obtained new test subjects (vagabonds and outcasts). Research is progressing again. Crashed ship, lower hull
2/27 Ran out of vagabonds, so had to gather test subjects from the townsfolk.If viability research is not completed soon, we will out of test subjects again. Crashed ship, lower hull