Achievements in the current game can be viewed by opening the Quests view and pressing the Achievements button. To view overall Achievements, select it from the Title Menu.

There are currently 90 achievements in total.

Hidden Achievements are indicated by AchHidden.png

Icon Name Description Notes
Ach 01.png
Shelter Build the Hut You require 8 wood
Ach 02.png
Instant Meat Defeat a Boar
Ach 03.png
Infinite Space Build the Storehouse
Ach 04.png
Sharecropping Build the Farm
Ach 05.png
Apples Add an Orchard to the Farm
Ach 06.png
Metallurgy Build the Smelter
Ach 07.png
Bon Appetit Build the Kitchen
Ach 08.png
Heavy Lifter Get the Backpack
Ach 09.png
Crafting Time Build the Workshop
Ach 10.png
Wyrmslayer Defeat a Wyrm Use a steel sword
Ach 11.png
Rockslayer Defeat a Golem
Ach 12.png
Experiments Build the Laboratory
Ach 13.png
Shiny Mine a Diamond
Ach 14.png
A Good Trade Build the Market
Ach 15.png
Heavier Lifter Buy a Super Pack
Ach 16.png
Get Wyrm Now what do I do with it? Trap wyrm with a net
Ach 17.png
Milking Pigs Add a Pen to the Farm
Ach 18.png
Mmm, Cheese Cook a Pizza
Building My Way.PNG
Building My Way Build a structure with a Blueprint
Powering Up.PNG
Powering Up Upgrade your character with 500 or more Skill Points
Ach 19.png
Distant Shores Build the Dock
Ach 20.png
Setting Sail Build a Boat
Ach 21.png
Infinite Blood Build the Wyrm Pen
Ach 22.png
Hatchling Hatch a Dragon from a Cocoon
Power up.png
Power Up Build the Power Plant
Industrialize Build the Factory
Going up.png
Going Up? Build the Elevator
Justice Solve the Bandit problem Get the quest from the Sunset Haven traders
Shocking Defeat a Diode Wolf
Human Testing Successfully Confront the Mirrows 2 Boss fight (melee + ranged). They hit hard.
The full story.png
The Full Story Read all the Logs All found on the Mirrows Colony Ship.
Charging Up.PNG
Charging Up Catch an Electric Eel Electric eels are found in the water cave
Cyborgification Obtain Full Cyborg Gear See The Surgery Lab(crafting)
Taurus Complete The Minotaur Maze
Random cave layout each time
Dragon tamer.png
Dragon Tamer Fly on a Dragon
Queenslayer Defeat the Wyrm Queen
Synthetic steak.png
Synthetic Steak Activate the Synthesizer Use a water gem to activate
Forging ahead.png
Forging Ahead Activate the Forge Use a fire gem to activate
Techno mage.png
Techno Mage Enchant a Chainsaw
Elementary Capture a spirit of every element
Whomp Chop down a Purple Tree
Dragon Master.png
Dragon Master Obtain a full set of dragon equipment
Rewind Activate the Time Manipulator  Use an ice gem to activate
Face the Enemy.PNG
Face the Enemy Defeat the Old One
Statue Smasher.PNG
Statue Smasher Defeat the Golemech
Submarine achivement.png
Submersive Build a Submarine
Jeep Achievement.png
Off-roading Build a Jeep
Jet Achievement.png
Jet Setter Build a Jet
Comm Tower Achievement.png
FTL Signals Build the Com Station
Spaceship Achievement.png
Space Ready Repair the Fighter Escort ship
Ach Kraken.png
The Depths Defeat the Kraken
House Achievement.png
Remodeling Upgrade your Hut
Ach Salvager.png
Salvager Discover a Life Pod
Pearl Achievement.png
Semi-precious Collect a Pearl
Ach Crossbones.png
Crossbones Complete the Pirates quest
Ach Automation.png
Automation Build any type of Worker Bot Build at the Advanced Lab
Ach Cultivation.png
Cultivation Activate the Vine Copse Kill the Cultivator and use a plant gem to activate
Ach Magician.png
Magician Craft your first Spellbook Go underwater east of the second magic island
Ach Evolution.png
Evolution Forge an Evolution Gem Make at the Evolution chamber
Ach Storm.png
The Storm Defeat the Hail Storm  Found on the second magic island
Ach DragonShip.png
Dragon Ship Evolve a Dragon Ship  First defeat the Hail Storm

Dragon sans steak.achievement.png
Dragon Sans Steak Evolve a Mecha Dragon
Ach Dark.png
Dark Sorcery Obtain a full set of witch equipment
Obtained from the sea witch's crafting menu
Ach Station.png
Space Station Build your first Space Station You can get blueprints by doing quests from the Mineral trader after the bombardment
Ach Planet Def.png
Planet Defender End the Alien Bombardment  Talk to Mirrows after bombardment 
Ach Take Control.png
Take Control   Disable the rogue Drones  Complete the Scavenger's quests
Ach Study.png
Study Anywhere Build the Mobile Research Lab  Get the quest from the professeur
Ach Detect.png
Enemy Detector Research the Alien Locator
Ach DragMech.png
Dragon Mech? Defeat a Dragomech Kill a dragomech
Ach Colony.png
Another Colony Find the Colony World
Ach MagicScience.png
Magic of Science Obtain a full set of exotic matter equipment
 Research equipment and craft at the exo factory.
Ach Super Cyborg.png
Super Cyborg Install a full set of upgraded cyborg gear Complete the 'Cyborg Carapace' quest to create the cyborg gear.
Ach New Earth.png
New Earth Build the Terraformer  Get the blueprint from the blueprint printer
Collector Complete the Museum Found on the colony ship.
Ach Ready To Fly.png
Ready to Fly Build an Exo Fighter for the Pilot  Crafted at the exo factory.
Ach Microbiology.png
Microbiology Launch a virus to breach the Enemy HQ  Do CaptAln's quests
Breaker of Chains Free an Enemy Dragon Ship  Use a book of translation
Another world achievement.png
Another World Create a Spirit Portal  Do the Exiled's quests
Ghost thumb achievement.png
Ghost Thumb Plant a Spirit Tree  Buy seed from Spirit
Turning traitor achievement.png
Turning Traitor Bribe the Enemy HQ's structures  You will need 3 spirit tree seeds
Master spellcaster achievement.png
Master Spellcaster Craft every Spellbook in game
Ultimate wyrm drill achievement.png
Ultimate Wyrm Drill Craft an Amethyst Queen Drill  Get it by doing the Exiled's quests
Ach Big.png
Big Isn't Better Defeat an Enemy Cruiser Found on the second wave of the bombardment
Ach Genocide.png
Genocide Defeat the Alien Nursery  Found at the Alien HQ
Ach Final.png
Final Boss Defeat the Enemy Hq's Heart  Found at the bottom of the Alien HQ
Non gmo achievement.png
Non GMO Defeat the Splicer  Complete the Unnature Santuary
Depths of madness achievement.png
Depths of Madness Defeat the Dishonored One  Complete the Depths
Not so gassy achievement.png
Not so Gassy Unlock the Hidden World First time only accessible with a Mecha Dragon Ship.
Elemental scientist achievement.png
Elemental Scientist Enchant an Exotic Sword of every element Crafting the Drain Exotic Sword not required.
Hope for dragons achievement.png
Hope for Dragons Create the Dragon Sanctuary Accessible via the Hybrid Path after creating a truce between Them and humanity.
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